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Test/Quiz/Homework Policy

Student must arrive to class with Pearson workbook, Math Interactive notebook, math binder and proper supplies. They are responsible for keeping their materials organized, neat, and their work complete. Students must follow Mr. Berman's written and verbal directions as well as directions given to them by other teachers or adults in the room. Students are expected to actively listen to math instruction by taking notes or actively engaging in class activities. Only positive language and behavior is expected.
II.              ASSIGNMENTS
Interactive Notebook
Each student has a Math Interactive Notebook that they are expected to update daily; specifically:  Do Now work at the start of class, notes, in class work, exit task and reflection (when assigned). This notebook is collected at least once a month and will be graded on organization, neatness, and completeness.
Homework is assigned each night. Students are to write their assignment in their agenda. They should be prepared to share and discuss their thinking on their homework problems the day the assignment is due. Workbook assignments are to be written in the practice section of their workbook. Other homework assignments include online homework such as Castle learning, web work, and Mr. Berman's questionnaires (online).
Late Work
Homework that is turned in late will be marked “late” or "half credit" in the grade book and will only be accepted within that unit of study. Mr. Berman will call home if a student shows a pattern of missing work and will make a plan of action with the family for that student to get their missing work turned in. Students can come in after school or during lunch to show Mr. Berman their missing work or to receive extra help with their math (student must make appointment in person or online on the left side of this page).
In-Class Work
Do Now, notes, projects and practice are completed in class daily. Students are responsible for being on task with this work, participating in class discussions, working with their partners, and asking questions of their partner or Mr. Berman when they don’t understand the material.
III.               ATTENDANCE
Students are expected to be in their seats with their materials ready at the beginning of each class period.
If a student misses a day of class it is their responsibility to find out what they have missed and to make up the work. Mr. Berman has posted a table of contents for the Interactive Notebook and a daily updated homework log (online calendar) for students to see what they missed. The best way to get back on track is to let Mr. Berman know what you missed.

Entry routine used every day in Mr. Berman's class:

 Enter classroom silently
       Pick up ruler on the way in the door
       Go directly to your seat

Get out agenda
       Find today's date and write down HW
       Put agenda away

Get out math notebook
       Set up pages (In and Out)

Start Do Now 
      Write the date and target on top right or left   
      Using your ruler, draw a line across the do now page.
      Write problems one at a time, completing each one before going to the next

Math Percentages for grading purposes:
  Tests            70 %
  Quizzes       20 %
  Homework  10%