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Welcome to Widows Peak Freak- The number 1 Victoria fansite dedicated to the lovely Lisa Maria Varon. Please visit all of our Pages. Thank You.


Victoria on Raw!

Women’s Championship Tournament—1st Round Match
Mickie James v. Victoria

This match will take place in lingere.

Victoria cinched in an arm bar but James monkey flipped her way out of the hold. Victoria planted James with a knee before going for a cover that only got a one count. Victoria hit some shoulder thrusts in the corner before hitting James with a series of forearms to her back. James fought back with some boots to the gut. Mickie took out Victoria’s legs from under her and pounded away at her on the mat. Mickie hit a vicious lariat and planted Victoria’s face into the canvas.

James went for a hurrican ranna but Victoria caught her and nearly power bombed her. James went for the move again but Victoria again caught her and turned it into a Boston crab. James fought out of the hold and despite being tossed out of the ring, hot shotted up to the top rope and went for a flip power bomb but botched the move. Victoria sat out on a roll up attempt and grabbed the ropes, but it was caught by the referee. Victoria took her hands off the ropes just in time to get rolled up herself for the pin fall.

Winner: Mickie James via pin fall

This site is in no way assosiated with Victoria or World Wrestling Entertainment.

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