(1) Introduction to Computers and Goals and Hopes/Dreams

(2) Rules and Routines - (0.5 Internet Safety) - All About me form

(1) Star Math Assessment - Sept
Because each correct or incorrect response the student chooses instantly adjusts the difficulty of the next question, only a small number of questions are required to verify the student's true achievement level.

(1) Brainpop Jr.


Provides educational movies for K-3 students. Homework Help, leveled quizzes, games and activities for kids. Exceptional resource for teachers and students.
Students will also learn how to turn a computer on and off.


XtraMath is a free web program that teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts which are critical to success in mathematics.

(1) Cyberbully
Students will learn about cyberbully and how to prevent it.

(1) Keyboarding practice and Speed Test

(6) Google Drive/Docs - Review

Students will create an artifact that allows them to show what they remember about google docs and allow them to review these skills. They will be given a choice of the final artifact.

(1) Hour Of Code
Students will be able to have the chance to create their own code using familiar characters/games like Minecraft. 

(4) Google Slides - Natural Disasters
Students will be be reviewing various skills using Google Slides that they learned from last year. While they do this, they will create a Google Slide file on a natural disaster.

(1) Picmonkey and Photo Editing
 Phase 1 - Setup
  1. Log into Google Drive
  2. Go into your teacher/Badger 
  3. Create new document and title "Picmonkey".
  4. In a new tab bring up Picmonkey.
  5. In another new tab bring up an animal in Wikipedia.
Phase 2 - Organize Image
  1. Using the medium version of the Wikipedia image, save it to the desktop.
  2. Upload into Picmonkey.
Phase 3 - Play
  1. Crop the image.
  2. Rotate the image.
  3. Put a frame around image
  4. Insert text layer onto animal.
    1. Animals name.
    2. Your name.
 Phase 4 - Publish
  1. Save image back to desktop and upload/insert into Google Drive document.