Top Grade
How to earn the best grade possible.

You earn every single grade in Social Studies.  The teacher "gives you nothing" but is responsible for assessment.  You are also responsible for assessing on a continual basis.


THINK!  Your brain needs to be activated for the top grade

To earn the top grade, we need to see you engaged in the work.

"Success=Effort, Effort=Success"

I do expect students to try their very best!

Engagement means focusing on the task at hand.  Staying focused means paying attention.

Participation-if your hand is never up, you will not receive the top partcipation grade.  It also means asking questions, making comments, working when the teacher asks.  In other words, "show what you know!"

Rubrics must be followed for the top grade.

Notes are perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT component of Social Studies.  Your notebook should be a source of pride and your very best source for information!  For the top grade, you must bring your notebook every day!  You also need to write legibly.  Several students lost their notebook, and their parents made them copy EVERY SINGLE LETTER.  One student was grounded until they completed this Herculean task.  I do check notes occasionally, and I expect correct spelling and complete set of notes!

Use your vocabulary words and SPELLING COUNTS.

Extra credit-you will always have opportunities to do extra credit.  For example, on the project coming up, you can do not one but two.  You could also write an informational paper about your project.

Creativity never hurts.  Try to be original in your thinking and your work.  Do not plagiarize (don't copy off the Internet or book and take credit for the work.)  Direct quotes are encouraged, please source your information.

Be prepared.  95% of our school days you will start with running writing.


Assignments are expected to be turned in on time.  You lose 5 points per day, down to 50%.  You still want to turn that work in.

When I ask for a "minimum" amount is probably is a C type of grade.  If it is extremely well written, but still the minimum, it could be B work.

Use your resources; books, dictionaries, Internet.