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      Basketball is a game enjoyed by millions of kids, adults, and professionals. It is also very competitive and common. Basketball was invented by Dr. Niasmith in 1891.                                                                                                                                          


      The way to play this sport is to get two different teams of five the court at a time and you are trying to get the ball to your side of the court and in the hoop. You also have to take the ball from the other team when you are on defense.                                                         


Some of the things you need are correct high top shoes, numbers, uniforms, a referee who needs a whistle, a court, a ball, two hoops, and a scoreboard.                                   


 The first thing you should do before you start playing is you, your team, and your coach should go over the rules, the positions, and the game plan. You also should warm up so you do not hurt yourself and be sure to practice.                                                                      


The way to win at this game is to get as many points as you can before the buzzer goes off in the fourth quarter. If the game is tied then you go in to overtime.                            


  If you are interested in playing then sign up or try out as soon as you can. I chose basketball because it is my favorite sport.

My Day with Pirates
I was at the beach when I saw a pirate ship. It definitely scared me! I started to run towards the truck, but suddenly, something grabbed me! I started to kick, scream , and punch!

Afterward my hands were blood red. I couldn’t stop grasping my hands because they were hurting so badly! I was in the ship. I tried jump out, but suddenly someone grasped me bye waist, and forced me back on the ship. I was too weak to force his hands off. He put me down and another pirate tied me around the mast in the middle of the ship. Thankfully, they didn’t tie it tight enough!

I secretly untied the rope. While I was heading towards the head of the ship, I looked down and we were right over my house. I got ready to jump. I bent my knees…

Suddenly I fell back. I noticed I had a rope tied around me like a lasso to catch horses, and a pirate pulled me back. Then he tied me back to the mast. Only this time he tied it a lot harder! I couldn’t get untied. I kept pulling, but I couldn’t get any slack. It was useless. I couldn’t get undone. Suddenly, the captain approached me.

He yelled, “Aargh! Will ye be me captain? Aargh, I need a vacation!"

Sure! I Everybody needs a vacation,” I replied.

The next day the captain had already left without telling me what to do. There wasn’t a note or anything. I was clueless. I just went back to sleep. All of a sudden I heard a noise, but not just any noise. It was a cannon! It turned out we were fighting another ship that just came out of the mist. I kept hearing the word “FIRE!” with a loud yell.I jumped out of bed. I stepped outside I didn’t see anything either. It must have been a ghost ship.

“ I must be dreaming,” I thought to myself.

I tried to go back to sleep, but I was wide awake. I got dressed. The crew was already eating at 4:00 in the morning. I grabbed some slop. The captain was already back!

He gave his thanks. I said my good – byes, packed my bag, jumped off, and swam home. That’s what happened during my day with pirates.



Turned to Bad

I went outside to go walk my dogs when I heard something in the woods. My dogs ran to the woods to see what it was.We found a pirate ship! My dogs barked. I made them be quiet and hide with me behind some trees.

When the pirates heard them bark the captain said “Aargh did you say something?”

"No, me captain," they said, and they went down to their conference room. When they did my dogs and me snuck on their ship and got behind some barrels to see what they were up to. Suddenly the boat lifted up and away we went flying to the ocean. I was on the flying Dutchman!

When we got to the ocean the captain turned out to be bad! He threw a dog overboard, so I went to find a gun, when I did I started shooting until he was dead. I went back to hide behind the barrels.

The crew had found me and their captain was dead, so they asked me to be their captain.

“Sure if my dogs can be captain’s mates,” I said.

They said, “only if they don’t bite!”

“No they don’t bite, but they might be a little scared at the beginning.”

“That’s fine just as long as they stay calm most of the time.”

“They will.” I said.

I was captain and we had a great time pirating for the rest of the year. My captain’s mates got extra vittles the whole way!




The Pirate Ship

After school I went to the beach with my friends. I saw a ship down the beach I went to go check it out. I asked some of my friends if they would like to go with me.

Only one of my friends said they would come with me, so we started walking towards the ship. After a couple of steps we looked back. My other friends were playing and having fun. A couple of steps after that they were gone! Their stuff was still there, but they were gone!

We looked in the ocean for them. The car was still there, but they were no were to be found! We kept walking. We got to the ship there was a black flag with a skull and cross bones. We started to panic. All of the sudden we heard a faint voice.

“Come, come, come,” it said in a spooky voice.

We took a step, and then something touched Kacy. We turned around and screeched! There was a big, tall, mean looking pirate behind us and took us in the ship, witch was filthy. He locked us up in the dungeon. He gave us mush and it was really gross.

When he left we got out by squeezing through the bars. We went down the hall we saw our friends. We helped them squeeze through the bars. We all went up to the deck while they told us what happened.

The crew was on deck and we were in the middle of the ocean. We tried defeating the crew, there were so many of them. Eventually we pushed them all off the ship

We became the pirates! Kacy and I were the captains and my other friends were the crew.
We found all the treasures and became rich. We sailed the seven seas for the rest of our lives.




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Room 301

“Life on Mars” story


          There was a planet named Mars.  It’s nickname is the red planet. Scientists said there was no such thing as aliens until today.  There was a picture taken on Mars.  Was it someone or something?

 Astronauts went to Mars to see if that figure was an alien or not.  When they got there they saw the figure was walking toward them.  The spacemen were scared. They didn’t know what to do if the figure kept on coming towards them.  It approached, getting closer and closer. The figure got closer to where the spacemen knew it was an alien.

          It had big black eyes, a big hand, a small nose, and a small mouth. It was just staring at the spacemen.  Then there were more aliens coming toward the astronauts. One spaceman went back in the ship, where other spacemen were panicking.

   The aliens got closer. The spaceman that was in the ship said, “come on, before you get taken by the aliens!”  The spaceman just stood there bewildered.  Not moving a muscle it was like they were paralyzed. 

A spaceman jumped out of the ship and slapped the other spaceman.  They went back to Earth and the never went to space again.

 50 years later there were 3 teenage boys who were at Bull Lake. They saw someone next to the lake. The youngest looked up and it was aliens.  The boys ran away from the aliens.

They ran home and told their parents what they saw.  Their parents didn’t believe them.  Then they told the police what they saw.  The police didn’t believe them either.  So they didn’t know what to do.  The next day they woke up and half the city was destroyed. 

          The boys asked their parents if they believed them now...







Iceland Report


< xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" prefix="o" namespace=""> 

            < xml="true" ns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" prefix="st1" namespace="">Iceland is located in northern Europe, an island between the North Atlantic Ocean and northwest of the UK.The size of Iceland is slightly smaller than Kentucky.

The national holiday of Iceland is the fourth of July. The type of government is constitutional republic. The languages are Icelandic, English, Nordic languages, and German is also spoken.

The climate is temperate; mild windy winters; damp cool summers.All the natural resources are fish, hydro powder, geothermal power, and diatomite.The number of airports that Iceland has is 99.

 The exports of Iceland are fish and fish products 70% aluminum animal products, diatomite. The imports of Iceland are

machinery and equipment, petroleum products, food stuff, textiles.

I chose Iceland because it was not a typical topic and I was the only one who chose something like that.


     Sources:  CIA World Factbook