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Native Americans

Paleo-Indians (Paleo means past/old/ancient)

-Scientists think people began arriving in the Americas about 27,000 years ago.  How?

1.  People crossed a land bridge called Beringia (between Asia and North America).

2.  Crossed ocean by boats or along the coast.

 For eons (thousands of years) people hunted larger animals.  When the game animals started dying off, people began growing crops.  This move to agriculture (farming) started civilizations (big groups of people living togther). 


Questions to answer:  (YOUR STANDARDS)

Where did the tribe live?

What resources did they use?

Did they have permanent villages or were they nomads?


Northwest Indians-Kwakiutl

Lived on the coast from Alaska to Northern California.

2 main resources

1.  salmon-they would dry out surplus salmon for the winter

2.  wood-they used shredded cedar bark to make skirts, aprons, waterproof hats, and capes.  They also made salmon traps out of wood.


clan-a group of related families

potlatch-a large feast that lasted several days

totem poles-told religious stories

 Permanent settlement?  YES!  They lived plank houses, usually made of cedar.


Southwest Indians-Pueblo, Hopi

Lived in present day Arizona and New Mexico

In different ways, the Southwest Indians solved the problem of having little water.

1.  Used irrigation-a way of supplying water to crops by digging ditches and streams

2.  Some tribes dug deep into the ground so that roots  could get mositure.

3.  They also planted crops in areas that flooded in spring rains.

4.  They used fired pottery to hold water and food.  Firing pottery makes it hard and durable.

Their main staple was corn, they also ate beans and squash. 


Had ceremonies to show how they were caretakers of the land.  This was important because they wanted to have a good harvest and rainfall.

Permanent village?  YES!  Lived in houses made of adobe, a special type of clay.

Plains Indians-

 Where did they live?

They lived on the Great Plains in the center of North America.


How did they use their resources?

Western Plains Indians used buffalo

-bones for tools

-used skin to make teepees

-meat for food

-used skin for clothing and blankets, and drums

-used fur for robes

Eastern Plains Indians

-Corn, beans, and squash in Spring and Fall

-Hunted buffalo in the Summer and Winter

Did they have permanent villages?

Eastern Plains Indians settled in permanent villages, because they could farm successfully. 

Western Plains Indians were nomads, they moved to follow the buffalo.

Eastern Woodlands

Lived: Eastern third of the United States

Mostly tribes were farmers.


The Three Sisters: corn, beans, squash

Rabbit, bear, deer.

In the north, maple syrup

In the Great Lakes area, wild rice


Houses:Permanent villages?  Yes!

South-houses without walls, just a roof or shade to protect from the rain. 

North- Longhouses, built of poles and bark offered protection from the cold.


 Age of Explorers-
1492-Looking for a sea route to Asia for trade.  The Silk Road was dangerous and long.  He ended up sailing to present day Bahamas.  He made 4 trips in all.
Columbian Exchange
First explorer to circumnavigate the world.  Circumnavigate means travel all the way around.  Magellan actually died on the journey in the Phillipines, but some of his crew made the entire voyage.