Great Monster Contest

We read The Great Monster Contest and students did persuasive essays to convince the judge why their monster would win the contest.
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Great Monster Contest



The Great Monster Competition    

Julie Ogle


           My monsters name is Michelle and she is going to win the Competition this year. The reason Michelle is going to win is because she is very smart. It is just like the other time she had a competition she was in last place but it was hard for the people in the competition to get over the top.

         She was smart to bring scissors with her in her back pack. Also, my monster is a self starter. The reason I think my monster is a self starter is because she is very smart and listens real well to me.

         The first thing my monster does to get ready for a competition she goes to a park and does exercise on the sidewalk. The second thing she does is pick out some of her running stuff that she is going to wear. After she gets ready she eats her something and jogs the. And that’s why my monster will win.  Here's the letter Michelle wrote.




    Dear people in the competition,


             I will win this year. Have everything   you’re bringing to the competition. See you at the competition.







 The Great Monster Contest

Sam Stuart                                                                                                  



                        Dear Judge Jurgles,


     How are you today, Jurgles? Why choose any of those other losers when you can choose the best monster, mine! Plus my monster can shoot lasers out of his horns! My monster’s skin color isn’t boring it’s all the other monsters’ colors combined! My monster’s name is Scary and he is a serpent and a dragon!  You can call him a sergon or a dragpent.                            

    Scary is so scary he can just look at the other monsters and scare them off. He has green spikes that start on top of his neck and they end at the very end of his tail. He can fly up to the highest point of our atmosphere .  His speed  is 100 miles per hour. He  can  swim at the lowest part of the Earth with only one breath of air.

     If the water Scary is swimming in is so murky he can’t see through it he can make his eyes glow so he see a mile through the water before it becomes murky again. Scary can lie on the surface of the ocean and turn transparent so he looks like he is just part of the ocean floor. When he is  sleeping, he closes his eyes shut and when his eyelids are showing they look like his eyes are opened. That is how he is going to win and crush the other monsters in the  Great Monster Contest!

The Great Monster Contest


By; Sabrina Cruz


    I think my Monster should win because it can jump very high and do twists and twirls while he’s in the air .Also it is strong and can handle himself when he didn’t get a prize or wins anything. And my monster can dive deeply into the water and swim and even jump rope inside the pond when he’s jumping inside.


    My monster can stand on one foot while caring a rock on the other hand like holding something on each side!  My monster can also yell very loud and can stomp as much .Also this is how he looks my monster has six golden spots on both sides of his legs, two round gray eyes and a long skinny colored tail.


     If you would like to know more about the tail here is what it looks like its colors are a bit of purple, pink, violet, and just a little of indigo. Know finally I am finished telling you about my monster it. Was time to vote I was so excided to see who had won? The judges were Jack and Rebecca as the monsters voted and the judges counted them up I was scared they told us the winner and said the winner is Max my monster had won the contest it was very exciding and fun. The prize was a golden Monster Trophy.



Dear Judge Jurgles,


              My monster will win in the contest! He is frightening as well as strong. He can do hundreds of amazing tricks. You don’t see a monster as talented as mine every day! My monster has won many other contests before so there is a high chance that my monster can be victorius.

              He can blow smoke rings and he can make water evaporate in a split second. He can also make balls of smoke change color! He can also manipulate fire to make shapes, as well making it change colors. He can fly at amazing speeds and dive to the deepest trenches. He can lift the heaviest of weights and he can snap the thickest of all things with his jaws.

            His teeth are an amazing size. He is larger than any other monster in the contest. He can also do amazing aerial tricks! He also can do amazing tricks in the water, and he can do amazing tricks into the water. He can jump of the highest ledges and do back dives, back flips, and many other tricks. There is no reason to pick any of the other monsters. My monster’s fire can fry anything in sight. My monster will surely win the Great Monster Contest.



Jake Kortum