Class Information

About our class 

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Transportation Parent Hotline

706.537.3638 (8 am – 5 pm)

Grading Scale

90%+ - A

80%-89% -B

70-79% - C

below 69%-U *under standards


Grading scale

90-100 - A

80-89  - B

70-79  -  C

69 or below - U


 Weighted Grading

Tests: 35%


Homework, worksheets, writing: 25%

Notes: 25%


Let's talk about homework:

  • Students will have some Math homework.
  • It is important that each student get his/her planner signed every night.  This will ensure effective communication between school and home.
  • Unfinished classwork in LA, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Reading or Math could constitute to homework.
  • The students will  receive papers in  their "Take Home" folder each Monday.  This folder contains graded work, information concerning upcoming events, PTO information or other things that need your attention.

Test policy-I will allow students to make up or "redo" any grade on their test.  The made up points are worth half their original value.  After all, we are trying to achieve mastery of the standards, not writing "gotcha" questions.  I like to see tests redone in a timely manner and will send home parent notes when a student chooses not to redo tests consistently and is not meeting standards.

Writing, worksheets, homework grades are pretty self explanatory.  We write quite a bit and students will have time to upload on our student blog or forums when we can cram it in!  Rarely will students have homework, and occasionally we do worksheets.

Participation includes being engaged in the work, raising hand to speak, participating in dramas and other class reenactments, being able to pick up where the last reader left off and following class rules.

Notes grading includes being prepared in class to take notes, having Social Studies notebook, and taking notes properly.  This means working efficiently when it is time to take notes and that it looks similar to our notebook online...spelling counts!

Late work

I deduct 5 percentage points for each day late, up to a maximum of 10 days.  At this point, the assignment is still due, with a maximum of 50% credit.


My AR (Accelerated Reader) Policy 

I am not going to be pushing AR as hard this year again, though I do love it as a tracking tool.  We had the top reader in the school last year, but I felt a lot of this was because they took the responsibility and challenged their self.  A lot of other readers are averse to AR because it challenges comprehension skills or there is a test component after reading. 

Still, I like to see the "million word standard" as per Georgia Standard ELA4R2 

-The student consistently reads at least twenty-five books or book equivalents (approximately 1,000,000 words) each year. The materials should include traditional and contemporary literature (both fiction and non-fiction) as well as magazines, newspapers, textbooks, and electronic material. Such reading should represent a diverse collection of material from at least three different literary forms and from at least five different writers.


Centers (Wednesday)

Centers aren’t just for kindergarten anymore!  This year we’ve been doing centers in intermediate grades to increase engagement and also get students more opportunities to blog and share writing on the computer.   Centers also promote one of the ideas of the standards based classroom, and that is that the student starts to take on more responsibility for their learning.   



Which leads me to:  Responsibility 


In my opinion, students should take great responsibility at this age for learning.  Mr. Arnold, parents, coaches and others can't do it for the kids!  I often ask who is responsible for learning.  I will do my best to teach the content in an entertaining and easy to understand manner, but it is the responsibility of the student to MASTER the content.  This is a big concept for a lot of kids, but one that is important for education and life!  My teaching style helps encourage our students to take more responsibility for their own learning.