Anthony Thomas Pirri M. Ed.
Dr. Robert G. O'Donnell Middle School
Grade 8 Health and Physical Education

Assistant Football Coach
Boys Varsity Tennis Coach
Stoughton High School
SHS Football Email:  blackknightfootball@gmail.com
School Phone:  1-781-344-7002 Ext: 6145
Snapshot Philosophy:

One of the key statements that I learned in my undergraduate career is that teaching is a constant learning process.  I was told that there is no such thing as a perfect lesson when teaching.  One must always adapt and change it to make it better.  Teaching has to do with constant reflection and making the lesson better from one day to the next.  The same thing can be said about the OMS Weight Club.  There are things that I would like to do to make it better the following year like: getting more students involved, purchasing more equipment, and lastly creating more incentives.  I have seen a number of different benefits from the students involved in the health and physical education program.  The benefits have been better physical, social, and mental/emotional health based on results taken from the end of the year likert scale.  All these underlying factors can contribute to an increased level of wellness, which in turn, can have a positive impact on the student’s quality of life.