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War. The Economy. Homeland Security. These and other important decisions are decided by our leaders. And who picks the leaders? We do! Or, at least, those of us who vote do. In this country, you have a voice in what happens! It's YOUR Government! USE IT!

Internship at GE

Worked in the Consumer & Industrial  Lighting division [LTDC] of GE here in Bangalore, India for two months [2-5-08 to 30-6-08] and designed a family of integral floodlights, ground up for them.
More on that,...........click here for a pdf file of the project [2.1mb]. Some pages are deleted from the original file owing to the company’s best interests.


Two months into my design course, I hear of this design competition at IIT-Shaastra [October]. The theme was to design a music system that would make your neighbor go bonkers. Myself and Vishal teamed up to create an absolute music system, a system known as “Touch”. Read more,...here


Spider-Man India!
Here's my take on the new "Spider-man India" comic series, released in India by Gotham Comics Ltd-Bangalore. For the first time when Spider-Man takes off his mask, he'll be a young INDIAN boy growing up in the streets of Bombay. I've drawn,.... read more




3rd semester - August 2008, and I had a chance to do what I always wanted to do. Build myself a fully functional electric guitar!  

Click here to download project presentation  [ PDF - 6.8 MB ]

 NOW THIS IS WHAT I CALL "An Advertisement" 

2008 BIMOTA TESI 3D - JAW DROPPING!!          

To own a Tesi is my dream even from my childhood. The Italian Bimota is a brand of motorcycles that are out of reach for most of us. This, of course, makes them highly,...i mean highly highly desirable. The latest addition to the collection, the new Tesi 3D.



I can only imagine what it would feel like to ride this remarkable italian design. At around $36k, it seems like a bargain for the level of engineering and craftsmanship you get. I think the Bimota name alone could warrant a higher price.

COMIC CHARACTER BECOMES REALITY,..                       

BLOODRUNNERS is a comic strip illustrated by artist Andy Sparrow, which appeared in the “Bike Magazine” during the early eighties.This very popular series revolves around the lead character-Lom and his bike-Hoover. Hoover [shown right] is a 1400cc monster of a bike which has hub-centre steering. The revolutionary concept of hub-centre steering as apposed to the regular fork type steering has many advantages.The Dodge-Tomahawk has an 8200cc, 732 Kw@5600 RPM V-10 cylinder engine. The first time I saw this bike in BBC, Andy Sparrow’s Hoover is what came to my mind. In fact it is a Design adopted from that comic character. The resemblance is absolute,with the same hub-centre Steering. 

Tomahawk can reach speeds of 300+ Mph. the designers could not possibly fit the regular fork type steering at this speed/power, proving the credibility of the hub-centre steering Mechanism,......read more