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Internship at GE - LTDC

120 years ago, Thomas Alva Edison invented the world's first electric bulb and formed GE. Today GE is one of the world's most admired corporation with a turnover of US $ 129 billion and a presence in businesses as diverse as Home appliances to Aircraft Engines and Medical Systems to Capital Services. 

 I worked in the consumer & industrial lighting division of GE in Bangalore, India for two months [2-5-08 to 30-6-08] and designed a family of integral floodlights, ground up for them. For more details,...........click here for a pdf file of the project [2.1mb]. Some pages are deleted from the original file owing to the company’s best interests.


Design competition entries:

TOUCH: a Music system - 2007



Design outcome can be sensible, sensual, sentimental, senseless or downright Sensational. I took up a study on sensational designs by its attributes to understand why some designs are absolutely sensational. To design a SHELF was the focus here, a single line flowing through the shelf to make out an expression, a shelf that makes the observer go 'wow', in this case plain 'sexy ;)

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3rd semester - August 2008, and I had a chance to do what I always wanted to. Build myself a fully functional electric guitar!

The course & the project: Computer Aided Product Design [CAPD], To design a product using computer tools for reverse engineering geometry and intent, design evaluation, modification and prototyping, in my case an electric guitar. This was clearly my favorite course so far and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The course is spread over 5 months and requires a working prototype to be made as a testament to the design effectiveness. The idea of making an electric guitar initially didn’t go well as a course topic, since it was a complex and technically multifaceted project. It took three weeks and three presentations for the project to be approved by my faculty, to whom I’m really grateful. Click here to download project presentation  [PDF6.8 MB]


LIST OF PROJECTS DONE SO FAR:                                    

        COMIC CHARACTER BECOMES REALITY,..                       

        BLOODRUNNERS is a comic strip illustrated by artist Andy Sparrow, which appeared in the “Bike Magazine” during the early eighties.This very popular series revolves around the lead character-Lom and his bike-Hoover. Hoover [above] is a 1400cc monster of a bike which has hub-centre steering. The revolutionary concept of hub-centre steering as apposed to the regular fork type steering has many advantages.This type of steering was made popular by the Bimota modal-1D in the early 90’s. Later on many manufacturers like Tryphanos, Vyrus, Aprilia adopted this concept. Hub centre steering is very much like car steering. The traditional telescopic forks are removed and the wheel is mounted on horizontal frames. The advantage is that the suspension mechanism is isolated from the steering mechanism.Therefore during turns and on bumps you get a better feedback and control for braking. The system makes the bike extremely stable and gives massive braking potential as it doesn’t dive like conventional bikes. H.C.S can also do away with the need for a frame, by using the engine as a stressed member. Very low C.G can be thus achieved. With all these advantages, one wonders why that many bikes do not run on H.C.S? Then came the year 2005 and Dodge released their most outrageous creation, "The Dodge-Tomahawk [below].

        The bike has an 8200cc, 732 Kw@5600 RPM V-10 cylinder engine. The first time I saw this bike in BBC, Andy Sparrow’s Hoover is what came to my mind. In fact it is a Design adopted from that comic character. The resemblance is absolute, with the same hub-centre Steering. Tomahawk can reach speeds of 300+ Mph. the designers could not possibly fit the regular fork type steering at this speed/power, proving the credibility of the hub-centre steering Mechanism. I definitely foresee the future with more H.C.S bikes, thanks to one artist’s love for it. Below are some bikes inspired by the H.C.S Mechanism.                                                  -Arunkumar Francis