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Happy WAR for the DEAD!

Only the dead have seen the end of war.  ~Plato


Art is free...

Like my unlikely design mentor [Andy Sparrow] says,…..

“The BASIC idea was: If I just draw for the pleasure of it, (as opposed to doing it for money). My art will be BETTER; and if you view my art for free, your reaction will be more HONEST. If you don't like it, it cost you nothing. If you do like it, reward me by passing it on. Thus it spreads through recommendation”. It makes even more sense now though, doesn't it? Since the explosion of the “world wide web”.


My latest work in photoshop

Step:1 Basic sketch but with proper perspective.Step:2 Imported into Photoshop CS3 and refined hues, edges, contrast [modified a little bit] 

Step:3 Created layers for different sections of the car and painted them. Added some graphics to make it more appealing. Played with the channels to create three different colored cars. 

Step:4 Added colors and edges, some motion effects and finally my logo [a  complete days work actually!]   


My Sketch-book!! 


Design/Class Sketch-book!!


My fav' artist - Jim Lee:

Lee attended Princeton University and majored in psychology with the intention of becoming a medical doctor. An elective course in Fine Arts reawakened his love for drawing. Jim, decided to try his hand at comic book art. This was a good decision, for in 1986, while working for Marvel Comics, Jim created "Alpha Flight". This series regarded Jim as a critical success, and quickly put his name on the comic book map. 

But by no means could "Alpha Flight" compare to the success Jim garnered with the "X-Men", a series which today remains as the best-selling comic of all time. 



THE GAME - GANGLAND WARS!                                       

Happen to find some of my old sketching recently. I dotingly remember making these sketches sitting at the back row of the class during my engineering days. What fun Sugu, Cithapu, Mage & myself used to have [2004].

The Game” character is a retired ex-operative of the Indian intelligence faction [IIF]. A Government sector so secretive and small, whose sole purpose of existence was to exterminate all anti-national ideologies or elements. The operations of this department effectively dealt with terrorism during the 80’s & 90’s. Well, when IIF started operations on corruption within India; some serious shit started happening. Orders were given left and right for mass extermination of faulty candidates. Alarm raisers within/outside the organization were silenced [Ragiv Gandhi – at one point]. Top officials within IIF were corrupt. Disassembly of IIF is what happened next and all operations of IIF was closed [i.e. means covert operative members –terminated]. Some of them escaped and live among us now with false identities.

One such escapee is” the Game” [real name unknown]. IIF’s “shadow” program artificially enhanced the brain n body of the soldiers for effective use in covert missions. Game was one of the first voluntary test participants of Shadow. Now an aging survivor of the program, he lives a nomadic life.  

This small comic strip of 7 pages explores the mystery life of Game and his primary source of income, underground gangland fighting competitions. Huge bucks are on bet every other weekend on such fight to death mêlée, which perfectly suits Games secretive past. The strips are all “no dialogue” boxes and produced here as raw scans, but still I try to convey a story. A story called The Game – Gangland wars  


Page #1 | Page #2 | Page #3 | Page #4 | Page #5 | Page #6 | Page #7

SPIDER-MAN INDIA!                                                         

Here's my take on the new "Spider-man India" comic series [just for fun], The actual comics is released in India by Gotham Comics Ltd-Bangalore. For the first time when Spider-Man takes off his mask, he'll be a young INDIAN boy growing up in the streets of Bombay. I've drawn three pages of a dream sequence, wherein Spider-Man is haunted by the image of a mysterious demon spirit. His spider sense alerts him of a danger yet to be thrust upon him by fate. The shadow of a spirit is always on the move trailing spidey’s back, why? Probably I’ll tell it in the forthcoming pages [hopefully].