Welcome to the Metropolitan Repeater Association (MRA) Site


The Metropolitan Repeater Association, MRA, is a group of Amateur Radio Operators dedicated to providing a high quality, wide coverage area two meter repeater for the Richmond Virginia metro area and surrounding counties.  The MRA is not a club, rather, it's an association of people interested in ensuring the repeater remains maintained, supported and most importantly, used!

The KG4MRA repeater frequency is 145.430 MHz, with -600 KHz offset input, and a CTCSS tone of 74.4 Hz.

The repeater also transmits a CTCSS tone of 74.4 Hz on the 145.43 MHz output, to enable using RX tone squelch to block receiving P25 transmissions in your station.

Note that KG4MRA drops TX CTCSS tone during transmission of the Morse Code station identification, such that if you enable RX tone squelch on your station, you will no longer hear the Morse Code identification.

The repeater is a Motorola Quantar series, automatic dual mode, supporting analog FM and APCO P25.  The P25 NAC is 293.

The vast majority of users of KG4MRA, use analog FM.  But there are a few P25 capable stations in Richmond area, and the MRA welcomes those P25 stations.

One reason for supporting dual mode, analog FM & P25, is that the KG4MRA repeater stands ready to carry emergency communications in P25, should it become necessary.

The KG4MRA repeater was located on the WRLH Channel 35 Analog TV tower in north Chesterfield County (intersection of Routes 288 & 60) from 1982 to 2016.  Original call sign of the repeater was W4SQT (Trustee Rod Kieper W4SQT).  In 2014 the call sign of the repeater was changed to KG4MRA.  On December 28, 2016, the entire KG4MRA repeater was moved to its new location on the WTVR TV Channel 6 tower, when the old WRLH Channel 35 TV tower was scheduled for demolition in 2017.  The WTVR TV Channel 6 tower is located in central Richmond (intersection of I-195 & Broad Street), ~13 miles ENE of it's prior location at WRLH.

The KG4MRA antenna at the new WTVR site is a Sinclair SD-224, 4 bay stacked folded dipoles, centered on 730 feet AGL, on the north tower leg of the WTVR tower.

The Metropolitan Repeater Association owes it's continued operation to the gracious hosting of WTVR TV CBS6, on the iconic free standing 849 foot AGL (1053 foot ASL) tower erected in 1953.