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Ming Qing Studies 2019

Ming Qing Studies 2019
Paolo Santangelo ed., WriteUp Site, 2019


1. Loic Aloisio, A Response to an 'Alien Invasion': The Rise of Chinese Science Fiction.
2. Bai Limin 白莉民, Jesuit Educational Tradition and the Remaking of Erudite Scholars in Late Qing China: A Case Study of Li Wenyu 李問漁 (1840-1911).
3. Henry Lem, Fiction as Cautionary Tale: Rewriting 'Rebellion' in Yu Wanchun's Dangkou zhi.
4. Aude Lucas, Expressing Desire Through Language: The Paradoxes of the 'Baodai' Relationship.
5. Zhang Jing , A Filial Publisher's Unfilial Subjects: Printing, Literati Community, and Fiction-Making in Liushijia xiaoshuo.
6. Zhang Yu 張禹, Between Confucianism and Catholicism: Rethinking Wu Li as a Ming Loyalist.
7. Zhu Jing 朱敬, Visualizing Human Differences in Late Imperial China: Body, Nakedness and Sexuality.


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Reviewed by Paolo Santangelo

Song Huali 宋華麗, Diyi deng ren: Yi ge Jiangnan jiazu de xingshuai fuchen 第一等人: 一個江南家族的興衰浮沈 (Men of First Class: The Rise and Fall of a Clan in the Jiangnan Area), Chengdu: Sichuan wenyi chubanshe, 2018.

Reviewed by Hang Lin

Maria Dolores Elizalde and Wang Jianlang (eds.), China’s Development from a Global Perspective, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017.

Reviewed by Maria Paola Culeddu.


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