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Ming Qing Studies 2018

Ming Qing Studies 2018
Paolo Santangelo ed., WriteUp Site, 2018

In memoriam of Mario Sabattini (1944-2017), by PAOLO SANTANGELO

1. Caroline Bodolec, Technology and Patronage of Construction Projects in Late Ming China. The Case of the Itinerant Monk-Architect Miaofeng Fudeng (1540-1613).
   2. Annamaria Cavalletti, The First Chinese Travelogues in Europe: The Responses of Zhang Deyi and Wang Tao to Western Social Life.
3. Chen Dandan, Rethinking 'Shame': Literati Consciousness in the Early Qing.
4. cheng yu-yin, Christian Literati of the Lower Echelon in Late Ming China: The Case of Xiong Shiqi.
5. Laurent chircop-reyes, Merchants, Brigands and Escorts: an Anthropological Approach of the Biaoju 镖局 Phenomenon in Northern China.
6. Ding Han, Literature and Identity: The Motif of “Lament for the South” during the Ming-Qing Transition.
7. Hsiao li-ling, Picturing Guqin Music: Min Qiji’s and Other’s Illustrations of “Yingying Listens to Qin” for Xixiang Ji.
8. Amy Matthewson, Cartooning Anxieties of Empire: The First Sino-Japanese War and Imperial Rivalries in Punch.
9. Mei Chun, From a Bee-Eyed Villain to a Dim-Witted Buffoon: Wei Zhongxian and Literary Discourses on Evil in the Late Ming and Early Qing.

I-Hsien Wu, Eroticism and Other Literary Conventions in Chinese Literature: Intertextuality in The Story of the Stone, Amherst: Cambria Press, 2017. By Paolo Santangelo.
Zheng Xiaoyou, Nian Gengyao zhi Si 年羹堯之死 (The Death of Nian Gengyao), Taiyuan: Shanxi renmin chubanshe, 2018. By Lin Hang.


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