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Ming Qing Studies 2016

Ming Qing Studies 2016
Paolo Santangelo ed., Asia Orientale, 20, Roma: Aracne Editrice, 2016
ISBN 978-88-548-9936-0

1. LOREDANA CESARINO Tian Yiheng's Shi nushi and its Influence on the Authorship of the Tang Poem "Presented to Pei Siqian".
2. CHEN DANDAN The Trauma of the Literati Self during the Ming-Qing Transition.
3. CHEN YUFANG What was Tolerated? The Reinterpretation of the Edict of Toleration of 1692.
4. SARAH DODD Explorations of Desire: Monsters, Horror and Enchantment in Pu Songling's Liaozhai zhiyi.
5. GAIA PERINI 'Angels of Vengeance': The Influence of Russian Anarchist and Populist Movement on the Chinese Revolutionary Discourse during the Last Decade of the Qing Dynasty.
6. TSUI WAI Literary Reactions to the Taiping Rebellion (1853-1864): A Study of the Poetry of Jiang Chunlin (1818-1868).
7. WU I-HSIEN Picturing Lin Daiyu: Honglou meng across Media.
8. YIU CHUNLAM CHARLOTTE The Concept of Qing in Honglou meng, (Part 1) - Historical Inheritance.
9. ZHENG ZEMIAN Thinking through the Heart of a Child: Luo Jinxi on Body and Ritual.

Anna Di Toro (2012) The Socio-Cultural Interaction between Russia and China in the 17th - early 20th Centuries. Some Observations Inspired by a Monograph by Nikolaj Samojlov.

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