About RAMP

Project Name
Road Asset Managememt Project

The objective of the project is to ensure continued effective use of the network in support of Cambodia's economic development. It will do so by improving the institutional and technical capacity of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) for road maintenance planning, budgeting and operations, and by expanding and strengthening maintenance activities. The outcome will be a more sustainable road sector based on a sound MPWT network and sustained road maintenance.

Project Amount
US$ 58.36 Million (at Appraisal)
US$ 65.60 Million (after OPEC and KTF provide additional funding)

Sources of Funding and Key Dates
Closing Dates
  IDA13 Nov. 200830 June 2013
  ADB30 Nov. 200831 Dec. 2013
  AusAID24 April 2008 (Co-finance agreement signed )
  OPEC29 June 2009 (Agreement signed)
  KTF Grant
12 Aug 2009 (Agreement signed)
  Royal Govenment of Cambodia 

Executing Agency Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT)
  Road Asset Management Project (RAMP)
  Address: RAMP Office, 4th Floor. Eastern Building
  Corner Norodom Blvd & 106 Street, Phnom Penh - Cambodia.
  Tell: 855-23 723 055, Fax: 855-23 724 595

Project Contacts  

Project Director
Tell: 855-12 900 760 
e-mail: psovicheano@online.com.kh

 Mrs. Maria Margarita Nunez
Task Team Leader/Senior Transport Specialist
Transport Sector Unit - East Asia and Pacific Region, The World Bank

Fax: 202 522 - 3573