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UPDATE  12/12/2018: 
We are drawing to a close on this latest version batch.  Nearly all available units have been sold!  Once these are gone, that is it.
Thanks for the great show of interest, and it has been a fun project to provide these to you enthusiasts at very, very little markup.

This device is intended to be used on Mopar vehicles generally from 1984-1993 running factory electronics (LM, SMEC, SBEC, SBECII).

When ordering, Please indicate in the MPSciLink options which ECU type for primary use.  Although the device is the same, we would like to keep track of which ECU's are being used, as this will help us taylor support.
If you have any questions about the product or its use prior to ordering, please contact one of the team on either turbo-mopar.com, or turbododge.com
Usernames of team members"

**Product operation video & demonstration:
MPSciLink Videos

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Device Board Products:

Assembled MPSciLink device board v2.5 shown mounted to Arduino Mega 2560* 
(*Sold seperately)


MPSciLink Device Board (Assembled)
Complete MPSciLink device board assembled & tested.
**Arduino Mega 2560 sold seperately.

(MPSciLink v2.7 is the current board version.)

Shipping (optional)

  • Width:    
    Height: pixels
  •  Include a scrollbar on gadget when necessary
  •  Include a border around gadget
  •  Display title on gadget: 

MPSciLink DIY Board Kit shown with optional Arduino Mega 2560*  
(*Sold seperately)


MPSciLink DIY Board Kit

Includes all parts to assemble a complete mpscilink device board. 
 Version 2.7 board, bluetooth module, and all board components. Circuit board soldering is required.
(*Shown here with optional Arduino Mega.)


USDShipping (optional)


Add on Options:  

Arduino Mega 2560

Mega 2560 Clone

Nextion Touchscreen Display Options

3.5" HMI Touchscreen Display


5" HMI Touchscreen Display


7" HMI Touchscreen Display

MPSciLink Device Project Enclosure  NEW!
(**Shown above is the prototype enclosure in Smoke acrylic with the version 2 device board.)

Project enclosure for MPSciLink device and Arduino Mega.  Custom designed cutouts and slots for wire terminal access and SD card slot.
We have worked with the vendor to redesign for our needs, minimizing space required.  These are available in multiple transparent colors, (Blue, Green, Orange, Smoke, Clear).  I think we ended up with a nice product!  Thank you for your patience.

(Also, I am still trying to work with the same vendor to design a display protective case for the 5" & 7" displays similar to the one available for the 3.5" units.  So far I don't have anything yet I am happy with.)

Device Enclosure

Extended Length Remote Display Cable

Cable pictured is for v2 device board to nextion display.  This version had +/- wires pinned different on the device plug end.
Cable for v2.5 and newer have been reconfigured to be pinned the same on the end connectors.
Cables are made when ordered, and tested with your other ordered products.

Extended Length Display Harness

**This cable is sold by the inch.  Quantity ordered is the length you will receive in inches.  Extended length display cable for displays will come with a single connector on each side.  Cable will be fully tested.
New v2.7 board supports all display sizes to be powered through this harness.  So this harness is now universal for 3.5", 5", & 7" Nextion displays.
Maximum recommended length is 36".

MPSciLink Device Communication Cable (MPSciLink to Diagnostic Port Connector) 

MPSciLink Main Harness Cable w/connector

 Terminals pictured may not be identical to the ones you receive.
However you will receive (4) male spade crimp connectors, and (4) terminal crimp ferrules.  The crimp ferrules will be pre-installed.


MPSciLink Communication cable (wire only

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