Welcome to our website where we show you a little part of our Mini Cattle Ranch. 
We enjoy our Miniature Jersey Cattle and hope to share photos and information with others to promote this wonderful breed.
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Enjoying the farm 2012                                                                        A Mini Moo with her mommy.   2012 calf
Our herd bull,  Dynamite
 Little Dynamite is almost 36 inches at 20 months.                                  Three generations of minis.  Rosebud (Jersey Cross,)              
Based upon his ancestry and his current growth rate,                              Rose Petal (Jersey), & Miracle Molly (Jersey - Calf)
we beleive that he will mature to the height of
about 38 - 40 inches when full grown.  (3-4 yrs. old)
 He is a terrific little bull.  We are very pleased with his first crop of calves this summer of 2013. 
Little Dynamite is now 37 inches at 2 years old.       
 Built like a tank and gentle to handle.    
He comes from very good mini Jersey milking lines. 
We also have a few other critters on the farm.
Below is a picture of a mother Buff Orpington hen raising a few Guinea keets for us. 
There is a variety of colors.     Guineas are great for eating bugs.  ( Especially ticks.)
                                                                                                                                                        Lateley we have had a visitor to our farm. 
                                                                                                                                                         My wife snapped this picture  (above).