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EPIC 2014

The 12th international ePortfolio & Identity Conference to be held at the University of Greenwich in London on Wednesday, July 11. Register through the EIFEL website.
  1. Balancing the two faces of ePortfolios: emphasis on process/learning or product/evidence- Discuss how the ePortfolio development process can support both personal learning environments (reflection) and capturing/documenting/presenting evidence for external evaluation, including badges. Examine how ePortfolios are created for low-stakes vs. high-stakes purposes. Includes a discussion of free online tools.

  2. mPortfolios (using mobile devices to support reflection)
    - Mobile devices (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire) can support reflection through regular planning & goal-setting, capturing the learning experience (in text and multimedia), and metacognition (reflecting on change over time). Share your favorite mobile apps that can support all aspects of the portfolio development process.

  3. ePortfolios to replace standardized assessments
    - Use collections of evidence to replace standardized measures of achievement (such as the TOEFL to test English language proficiency); incorporates examples of developing effective rubrics to evaluate evidence based on consistent criteria, especially for awarding badges.

Links on universities using multiple "common" tools for student portfolios (Seattle Pacific University)

Shared file (BJET, 2010):