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xOur Mission: To Transform Boston into a safer more livable city

Our Vision:
Compared to other cities round the globe, Boston's transportation system is in an obsolete state. As the world moves forward in technology and innovations we choose to stay behind. Far too often we are left in the past with yesterday's infrastructure while other developed countries indulge in the grandeur of designs far more safe, efficient, sustainable, more accessible. Our goal is to create a city, or even influence a country, to be better and safer for generations to come. We aspire to improve bicycle infrastructure in the Fenway area by creating cycle tracks. Further more, we strive to decrease traffic and reduce injuries/fatalities. We hope to improve the area around Fenway and better accommodate the spectators for the games. We also hope to revolutionize parking by allowing parking reservation via online methods. This hopefully will ease the difficulty of parking in Boston (specifically around Fenway Park). In addition to the previously mentioned bike paths we plan to make the city more pedestrian friendly.


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