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Future of infrastructure demand

  • Commuting: There will be an additional 117,000 commuters across all of Greater Boston between 2010 and 2030.
  • Highway Use: There will be at least 80,000 more automobiles, trucks and tractor trailers on Greater Boston’s roads by 2030, an increase of nearly 5 percent.
  • Public Transit: The region can expect to accommodate more than 14,000 additional subway commuters, more than 11,000 additional bus and trolley commuters, and more than another 1,000 daily commuter rail customers. This represents a 6.8 percent increase in subway and bus/trolley use by commuters and nearly a three percent increase in commuter rail.

Imagining the Future of Transportation Final Project Outline

You will be part of a MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) *tasked with analyzing and designing improvements to the transportation infrastructure of the Fenway Neighborhood (see attached map).  You will be collecting data and observations of current problems and potential solutions focused on the following 4 themes:

·       Access

·       Safety

·       Reliability

·       Sustainability


Create a Proposal that includes:

·       Define the problem:

o   Define the current state of transportation

o   Using the data collected, identify the problems with the transportation infrastructure

o   Address all four themes and select one to expand on (Include Policy Considerations)

·       Design your solution:

o   Connections within the Fenway Neighborhood and to other areas of Boston and beyond that cover:

§  Roadways

§  Public Transit

§  Bicycle infrastructure

§  Pedestrian walkways

§  Transport to and from ports and airports

o   Discuss how your solution addresses each of the four themes

o   Detailed design (hand drawn or digital)

o   Estimate improved traffic flow

o   Community impact (Positive and negative)

o   Pros and cons of proposed design (constraints)


Proposal Deliverables:

·       Website

·       PowerPoint Poster


Imagining Our Transportation Future – GO BOSTON 2030

A metropolitan planning organization (MPO) is a federally mandated and federally funded transportation policy-making organization in the United States that is made up of representatives from local government and governmental transportation authorities.