Super Saturday 2 Accountability Sheet!

posted Nov 8, 2011, 9:40 AM by mpls tornado

Thank you to all who made it out to Super Saturday 2. It is wonderful to have such caring neighbors always willing to reach out and help in times of need. This 2nd Super Saturday was a follow up to the 1st one held in June this year where we raised 14,000 pounds of donations in a 12 hr period. As we mentioned before, mplstornado folks are here for the long term. We will have several more events coming up as we move into winter. Thank you!

Accountability Sheet info:

Boys/Mens Shirts/sweaters = 1452
Boys/Mens Pants= 371

Girls/Womens Shirts/Sweaters= 1604
Girls/Womens Pants= 497

-- Coats
Mens= 98
Womens= 87
Childrens= 64

Hats= 62
Mittens= 44
Scarves= 51

Handmade items= 90
Boots/shoes= 61

Total Items= 4,481

- 89 people donated

- 109 received clothing items, of which many were mothers picking up clothes for 1 or more children.
- All unclaimed odnations were delivered to Shiloh Temple, (1201 West Broadway Ave Mpls, MN 55411), Al Masjid An- Nur Mosque,(1729 Lyndale Avenue North Mpls, 55411) and Oak Park Center c/o Pillsbury United Communities, (1701 Oak Park Avenue North Mpls, 55411) and the for redistribution.

- Many folks who came to pick up donated clothing received additional aid from The Neighborhood HUB (3210 Oliver Avenue North Mpls, 55411). Their on site staff was able to do real time intake for those with immediate needs such as housing, transportation, and health related issues.

- Dr Juneau Robbins was on site for a portion of the event and was able to give FREE chiropractic care to some of community residence and tornado victims. His primary office is located @ 2524 39th Avenue North Mpls, 55412