-Pref Donations

Sunday June 5th 2011
Contact us at mplstornado@gmail.com with inquiries. 
These are the kind of donations that most organizations we are working with e.g. Shiloh, Prayer Center etc seem to prefer

In-Kind Donations:
*Baby Food, *Diapers, *Wipes 
*Kids' toys
*Bus tokens/cards, *Grocery store gift cards, *Gas cards 
*Non-perishable foods, *Canned foods
*Bottled water 
*Hygiene products: toothpaste, tooth brushes,  
*New underwear for children and adults
*Toilet paper, *Paper towels 
*Pet food 
*Resource sheet: https://sites.google.com/site/mplstornado (Print the compressed/condensed version)
*Cleaning supplies: pails, mops, brooms, laundry detergent, bleach, rubber gloves 
*Can openers
***Clothing and shoes for children and adults HOLD ONTO YOUR CLOTHING DONATIONS FOR NOW SEE NOTE IN RED BELOW
General gift cards

*These are high need items. The following locations are accepting in-kind donations. Please check often as this list is very fluid as needs on the ground continuously change. Check below for locations that are accepting donations. 
*** Hold onto your clothing donations as these are still needed in the near future. At the moment, organizations have received a ton of clothes that they need to sort out and distribute before they can accept new clothing donations. 

Drop off and distribution sites:
1. Shiloh Temple 1201 West Broadway Avenue (612) 302 1463
2. The Masjid An-Nur on 1729 Lyndale Avenue N. (612) 521 1749
3. Twafiq Islamic Center on 2900 Lyndale Ave N. (612) 588 1160. 

Services (Pro-bono or discounted)
**Mental health services for children, youth and adults
**Prescription medication:  Blood pressure meds, insulin, and diabetes supplies (test strips and lancets)
**Social workers
**Home Repairs (see list of licensed, bonded and certified businesses as compiled by the City of Minneapolis http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/cped/docs/Help_with_Home_Repairs.pdf)

**Need licensing. Please volunteer these services with organizations like the Red Cross, the Recovery Center and North Minneapolis Pets. Healthcare professionals should sign up with Hennepin County's Medical Reserve Corps or the statewide organization Minnesota Responds Medical Reserve Corps.