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In the fall of 1934, "Hobbs Field" was dedicated to honor retired principal, Waldow W. Hobbs.  In 1938, the new football field was rededicated as "Hobbs Field",  Mr. Hobbs was the principal from 1892 to 1934 .   When the game of football grew in interest, Mr. Hobbs was instrumental in acquiring the land near the school so an athletic field could be constructed. The wrought iron sign over the gate that was placed on the second field in 1938 was lost when the field was moved in 1974 to occupy the third location, the former school site.  The field was rededicated on September 23, 2005 at Homecoming ceremonies with a reading from Dewane Pagel and a framed certificate of what will be inscribed on the brass plaque was given to principal Michael Favor, Class of 1984.  In attendance was Larry Brown, Class of June 1937

The library was dedicated as the "Madigan Media Center".  It was dedicated in May 28, 1981 in the honor of Harriet Madigan who taught mathematics at North for 41 years. Harriet, who retired in 1966, was considered the most loyal fan of sports teams ever at North High. Harriet attended almost every sporting event while at North and then into retirement.

The gymnasium was dedicated as the "Jacobi Gymnasium" in honor John Jacobi.  Known as "Jake" he taught at North from 1928 to 1969 and also coached basketball.  In 1933, Jake took the Polars to their first state basketball tournament.

The Auditorium was dedicated in memory Charles Williams in 1984.  Charles was special assistant to the principal at the time of his passing away.

The football field pressbox was dedicated as the "Harold Brown Pressbox" September 23, 2005.  LT. Col. Harold Brown, Class of June 1942, Was one of the original Tuskagee Airmen and served for our country in WWII.  Harold flew 30 missions, was shot down and POW.  The dedication took place at the homecoming half time ceremonies by a reading by Dewane Pagel and giving a framed certificate of the inscription of what will be on the brass plaque to Harold's brother, Larry Brown, Class of June 1937.  In attendance was Aletha Halcomb, faculty and vice president of the Friends of North.

Flag Pole (Operation Stars and Stripes)

The flag pole was dedicated at homecoming of October 1955 to memorialize those Polars who died in wars past.

The base and plaque was refurbished in 2005 in time for homecoming on September 23, 2005.  The base was cleaned by the 807 Broadway shops department, the plaque was restored by Jack Stanley (Class of 1942) and the new Flag was supplied by Mel Ohman (Class of 1943) through the American Legion.

Mel Ohman (Class of 1942) read the rededication.