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Class Gifts

Class Gifts Through the Years


There are more items to list, watch for more information.


Class of 1905: Grandfather clock




This picture was taken March 4, 2005.  Still standing in the principal's office today, 100 years after it was donated to North by the Class of 1905. 
 This photo of the Grandfather Clock in principal Mike Favor's office was taken before he resigned.  You could see Abe in the background, now Abe is gone from the main office and located in the Alumni room.  


 For a while, after the grandfather clock was removed from the principals office, it stood in the main office near the athletic directors office.

Class of January 1926: Abraham Lincoln statue 


  Office scene in 2003.


The restored "Abe" looking as good as ever, October 2004 

ABE needs your help!!  Abe was broken in 2003 (the largest piece left intact was his nose.  $3,000 is needed to restore Abe.  Remember we are tax deductable and Abe is well worth the effort to repair.

Restored by the Class of 1966 in the late 80's, the pedestal is gone and he sports a new color, but he was still standing in the main office at the time this was written.  Abe now stands in the Alumni room.

Abe is back in one piece and proudly standing in the main office again but we need your help in paying for his repairs!!


Hall scene in  1962.

Classes of 1942

This case was donated by the Classes of 1942 following their 50th reunion.  The case houses the three-pete state Boy's Basketball Champions trophies.    

Classes of 1990 and 1991

     This photo was taken March 4, 2005 

 This display sign was donated by the Classes of 1990 and 1991