A downtown core is the face of a town as well as its heart, and so enjoys the potential of being the privileged public arena.

The Revitalization of Crawford Square

05/22/09 Streetscape Improvements

Progress!  The general concept plan for Crawford Square, as presented by the Cecil Group led to the award of a $1.3million grant for the Town of Randolph.  Now the process of making detailed recommendations for street furniture such as benches and trash receptacles, plantings such as trees and perennials, enhancement of pedestrian crossings and more is underway.

The grant monies awarded are for Phase I of the Crawford Square revitalization efforts affecting North Main Street from  Warren Street to the North St/North Main St/Union St intersection. 

The Streetscape Design Committee has completed an initial walk-through of the area to assess current state and inventory in order to maximize the dollars available.  The group will make recommendations to the professional urban planner with the Cecil Group who will provide detailed concept designs , schematics, etc. for final approval.

The revitalization efforts for Phase I are intended to take place concurrent with the removal of overhead wiring in Crawford Square in order to reduce the residual affect on traffic circulation and


A thirteen member Crawford Square Streetscape Concept Design committee has been appointed by the Board of Selectmen. This committee is working with the Cecil Group to develop a general concept plan for Crawford Square in order to submit a Public Works Economic Development Grant.  The Cecil Group has prepared several documents to aid the community in developing the vision for the downtown.  Some of these documents can be found here:

These are simply examples from other towns to stimulate discussion.  NO final decisions on what will be used in Crawford Square will be made until the town has secured the PWED grant.  Once we obtain grant monies, additional meetings and presentations will be held in order for the community at large to provide input for final choices.


The bridge located at North Main Street and Depot Street serves as a gateway to the Crawford Square Business District.  As such, its appearance makes a significant impact on the overall tenor of our downtown. 

With supplies donated by Rocky's Ace Hardware and the support of the Randolph Chamber of Commerce the bridge was painted by volunteers and is begining its transformation from an eyesore to the Gateway to Crawford Square.       Recent news article can be found here.


The abondoned railway bed was recontructed into a bike/walking path.Before and after pictures are below.


The Cecil Group has provided a final report of their analysis and recommendations for improving Crawford Square traffic circulation, parking and pedestrian safety.  Those recommendations include:

  • Realigning several key existing intersections

  • Establishing a new roadway that directly connects the east and west sides of Randolph

  • Incorporating traffic calming measures

  • Electronic coordination of traffic signals

The full report with all recommendations can be viewed here: Cecil Group Final Report (this is a large file and may take some time to download)


5/15/06 Update

The Cecil Group has completed a preliminary assessment of Crawford Square traffic circulation and parking challenges.  They made a brief presentation to the Board of Selectmen on 5/15 which can be viewed here: CecilBoardpresentation.pdf.(this is a large file and may take some time to download)




In 2005, the Master Plan Implementation Committee developed two bylaws (subsequently passed by Town Meeting) to initiate the revitalization of Crawford Square as outlined in the Master Plan: 

  • Development of the Crawford Square Business District
  • Planned removal of utility poles and overhead wires

The bylaws lay the groundwork for developing Crawford Square into the Town's principal focus for civil, cultural and social functions.  They are designed to:

  • Encourage the diversity of businesses in downtwon
  • Promote economic growth for local retailers through the addition of complimentary businesses
  • Restore a "Main Street" character by balancing the size and type of businesses in the district
  • Encourage pedestrian activity and increase street level activity to create a dynamic downtown

The development of the Crawford Square Business District allowed our community to begin the process of applying for State Funds to support our revitalization efforts. 

We completed a Commonwealth Capital Application which measures our Town's progress in sustainable development principles. This MUST be scored and on file in order to submit funding requests to the State.  We received a reasonable first-time score only because of the zoning changes approved by Town Meeting 2005.

An additional result of the zoning changes was we obtained assistance from the Massachusetts Downtown Initiative Program.  We applied for and received assistance from a planning and design firm to help us develop a concept plan for getting into and around downtown. 

The Cecil Group has made a number of visits to our community and has drawn up a series of recommendations. They will be presented to the Board of Selectmen and posted to this site in May, 2006.                                       






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