What is a Master Plan?

A document that describes a comprehensive long term plan intended to manage and guide growth and development of a community. 


Why does Randolph need a Master Plan?

Past growth has been inconsistent with the goals and vision of the community.  The Master Plan will help the town work toward a shared vision for the future. It will help ensure limited land resources are used wisely and the values of our community influence town policy and decisions.


What are the overall goals of the Randolph Master Plan?

The Master Plan seeks to establish a framework that will help Randolph achieve a successful future.

Specific goals are outlined in the Master Plan to address current and future needs for:

  • Land Use
  • Public Facilities and Open Space
  • Community Design
  • Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Crawford Square
  • Public Facilities
  • Water Supply
  • Environment and Open Space
  • Historic and Cultural Resources
  • Transportation and Circulation

Where/how can I review the Master Plan?

  • An executive summary of the Master Plan can be viewed on this website CLICK HERE  
  • A full copy of the Master Plan is available for loan at the Turner Free Library
  • Purchase a copy of the Master Plan at the Town Clerk’s Office in Town Hall.

Who created the Master Plan for Randolph?

  • April 1999 – Town Meeting approves a budget and committee to review the existing master plan (last revised in 1975)
  • A professional planning firm, John Brown Associates,Inc.is hired to work with the community to develop a master plan. They perform inventory and analysis, hold public meetings, conduct community surveys, and work with the committee to formulate a Master Plan.
  • October 2000 – Master Plan completed by John Brown Associates,Inc.
  • June 2001 – Master Plan adopted by the Town of Randolph






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