The 7th Annual

One Act Festival

The Mount Pleasant Drama One Act Festival is a completely student run production. All shows are student directed, stage managed, and produced.


When: January 10-12, 2019 at 7pm

Where: Mount Pleasant High School auditorium

Tickets*: $8 Students and Seniors, $10 Adults

*There are no online sales for the festival, tickets will be available at the door and for students at lunch the week of January 6th, 2019

The Shows

The Adventures of Detective Price:

The Bloodstone Bandit Burglary

Written and Directed by Lauren Unterberger

Stage Manager - Charmaine Wood

Lights - Louis Speziale


Detective Price/Richard - Kat Geist

Willy/Charlie - Chaily Derecskey

Mrs. Hornsby/Ruth - Hope Fowler

Popplewell/Paul - Lauren Aussprung

Director - Kaila Lightburn

Jane Doe: A Choreoplay

Written and Directed by Teayra Bowden

Assistant Directed by Taylor Trickey

Stage Manager - Nishat Chowdhury

Lights - Olivia McVeigh


Jane Doe - Samia Dukes

The Shadow - Kleah Winton

Jane Doe #2 - Savannah Harris

He - Jermaine Fentress

13 Ways to Screw Up Your College Interview by Ian McWethy

Co-Directed by Ryan Phillips and Louis Speziale

Stage Manager - Tarannum Chowdhury

Lights - Caitlyn Webber


Interviewers - Caroline Etgen and Chris Skaats

Interviewees - Sarah Shahan, Sarah Bock, Lauren Hicks, Michael Johnson,

Tea Turturici, Daniel Fogbawah, Alie Hernandez, Hailie Tuohey, Jaiden Wilson,

Evelyn Giffin, Grace Barrell, Emily Skaats, Anayah Davis, Ashé Smith-Keaton

Bladder Control by Rich Orloff

Directed by Jane Haracz

Stage Manager - Olivia McVeigh

Lights - Caitlyn Webber


Alison - Lauren Gilligan

Barbara - Jessica Herr

Craig - Sam Johnson

Don - Dylan Garvin

Ed - Jayden Andrews

Cushion Corp.

Written and Directed by Danielle Jenkins

Stage Manager - Louis Speziale

Lights - Ryan Phillips


Molly - Willow Hawkins

Andrew - Avery Steffen

Shayna - Redwana Tasmin

Alexander - Carter Steffen

News Anchor/Paperboy - Amanda Beyer

Erica Day - Isabella Lafferty


Crew Chiefs

Fahima Chowdhury

Olivia McVeigh

Charmaine Wood

Run Crew

Leilani Arce

Parker Baxter

Shakira Chowdhury

Brennan Cook

Nina DeSilva

Michelle Do

Kaitlyn Steinberg

Kayla Stumpf (props)

Kerry Xiao