Fuel prices are still on the rise!

Our Hydrogen Fuel Cell systems will help you get up to 40% more Miles Per Gallon from your petrol or diesel.....And reduce your CO2 emissions by half and claim lower car tax!

One Hydrogen Fuel system installed at your home or workplace from £500.  We cover most of the UK. 

No engine adjustments or tuning required, so this will not affect your warranty.  We are simply introducing a stream of hydrogen into your airflow system to make the combustion chamber more efficient.

Running costs are £5 per 1000 miles to produce the hydrogen.  Completely safe and efficient and reversible.

These systems are being used all over the USA by millions of drivers that are now getting a significant increase in MPG’s.

MPG Systems are Hydrogen Fuel Cell specialists. MPG Systems are a UK based company who provide and install quality Hydrogen Fuel Cell systems that increase the MPG's (Miles Per Gallon) that you get from your Petrol or Diesel and cut your CO2 emissions by half.  We cater for vehicles from small private cars to HGV Lorries and can install our hydrogen system at your home or workplace.

Hydrogen gas is referred to sometimes as Brown's gas or HHO.  Hydrogen is the best solution or gas additive to increase your mileage. HHO gas has been referred to as hydrogen on demand but what you get is 2 gases when broken down; hydrogen and oxygen. What you should see is fewer pollution from your tail pipe lowing you carbon footprint.

HHO gas is produced from a process called electrolysis which converts water to hydrogen and oxygen. This is done within the HHO Generator that is usually installed in the cavity between your front bumper and radiator once your engine starts running.  The gasses then run along to a vaporiser/bubbler which seporates the water steam from the gas, leaving pure oxygen and hydrogen (HHO).  This HHO gas makes its way into your main engine air intake pipe and is then mixed with your petrol/diesel within the combustion chamber making your fuel burn much more efficiently.

Turn your car into a HHO hybrid with one of our hydrogen systems today.

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