Otl Aicher

Otl Aicher 1922 - 1991
German Graphic Designer and Typographer. Studied Art at the “Academe der Bildenden Künste” in Munich. Aicher established his own Graphic Design Practice in 1948 in Ulm, Germany. In 1953 proposed, established and cofound HOCHSCHULE Für GESTALTUNG (closed in 1968) with his wife called - Inge School
HFG aim was to promote education of theory in visual communication and information created by Graphic Design based on Bauhaus principals. Aicher communicated each idea in a organized and readable style; a style perhaps influenced by Max Bill - former student at the Bauhaus at that time.
His mark was functionalism, which included regular geometric forms, simple silhouettes and flat finishes where clarity of form and construction is evident in his work. In posters Aicher used minimum words - where the message would be absorbed by the general public rather then be read in detail.
Aicher used mathematically constructed grid layout, avoided diagrams, and images had to be laid out on axial grid to achieve clarity of graphic communication and information.
He is recognized world wide for his designs of pictograms/symbols in 1972 for the Munich Olympic Games and for the design of ROTIS family Type for Agfa. Rotis Family consists of variation of weights, heights, proportion and variants of type styles as: Sans Serif, Semi Sans, Semi Serif and Serif.
Otl Aicher simple, clear and direct pictograms designed at the end of 70’s for a small Alpine town ISNY in Germany confused his critics. His aim was to encourage tourism to this small town, so he created 120 information pictograms depicting features of the area – people, animals, landscape etc. executed in the STARK style (geometric style) for which designs he is now best remembered and recognized.
1955 > Received Gold Medal at West Germany Best Poster Exhibition
1958 > Received Gold Medal at Typography Exhibition

Aicher major design projects:

Clima - Corporate Identity Graphics –Innsbruck Vienna
Elevated Railway Hamburg - Color Coordinate System
1962 – 1964
Lufthansa - Corporate Identity Graphics
1964 – 1975
Westdeutche Landesbank – Corporate Identity
Munich Olympic Games 1972 - Consultant designer for the corporate identity
1967 – 1970
Frankfurt Airport - complex information system
Developed system of pictograms
1972 – 1975
Bayrische Rochversicherung – Munich Olympic Signage
BMW – PR magazine for BMW – Munich - graphics
1977 – 1978
Sutextextil Cooperative Society – Corporate Identity
1978 – 1979
Krupp Hospital – Essen – Color coordination architectural design and orientation
Typeface design - Rotis® - for Munich’s public transport services
Designed Rotis family for Agfa, with subfamilies as: Sans Serif, Semi Sans, Semi Serif, and Serif
Also produced corporate identity for major German firms: Brown, Blohn&Voss, Stadmuseum (Ulm), Volkshochschule (Ulm) and illustration for book “Wilhem von Occan” – (“The risk of thinking Modern”) and in typography - typeface
Otl Archer Designs
Functional Design example
Munich Olympic Games

 Team of designers led by Aicher developed signage system for the Summer Modern Olympic Games of 1972 in Munich, Germany including:

interior decoration
symbols representing theme of each sport
Symbols representing theme for each sport at the Olympic Games in Munich - 1972 >
Logo of the Munich Olympic Games, 1972 Logo designed for Erco, 1976 Logo designed for Lufthansa, 1969

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