Barangay Tubod Monte
Jagna, Bohol, Philippines


            Barangay Tubod Monte, its original name was Lubcanan. The name Tubod Monte was derived form the vernacular Tubod that means “spring” and Monte, which means “mountain”, because many springs exist in this place.

 Cagoco is a sitio included within the territorial jurisdiction of the barrio.

             The barrio was established in the year 1761 and the original families that originally resided were traced to the lineages of Facundo Galia, Numeriano Lloren, and Dionisio Salas.                         

                        The tenientes from the earliest time to date are:

                        Facundo Galia                         Cecilio Galia

                        Numeriano Lloren                   Dionisio Salas

                        Mariano Lacaya                      Emegdio Lloren

                        Juan Salas                                Cecilio Salas

                        Juan Rana                                Miguel Lloren

                        Caforino Jamora                      Severino Acebes

                        Segupdo Nalasa                      Perfecto Madera

                        Anastacio Nalasa                    Tiburcio Aceron

             In 1950, during the leadership of Mr. Fructuoso Acebes, a school building was constructed. Medardo Ranoco and Perfecto Madera accomplished the said project in 1967 when they were elected as the leader.

             From 1968 to 1972 under the leadership of Rufiniano Galiguer, the reservoir and the Home Economics building were constructed. He also concretized the chapel grounds. Many accomplishments were seen in this term, but it also has a lot of setbacks. It was in 1968 that the residents experienced drought wherein their crops were affected and in1972, storm Ining ruined most of the residents’ houses.

             In 1972 to 1980, leaders Mr. Eutiquio Lloren and Mr. Felicimo Galia Sr. started the construction of the barangay stage and the school stage. It was also through their efforts that a jetmatic pump and a basketball ring were provided for the residents and youth of the barangay.


             Barangay Tubod Monte shall be economically stable wherein the people will have enough means of livelihood. At the same time, they shall be living in a clean and green barangay peacefully with respect for each other, united and above all God-fearing.


              To put into reality the development plan of Barangay Tubod Monte, we shall work on our vision through the cooperation and active participation of the people, headed by the barangay council, with the support of the Local Government agencies and Non-Government organizations.

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