DOWNLOADABLE Info Resources from Jagna Municipal Planning and Development Office

Various Downloadable Forms

Zoning Clearance Application Form
Civil Service Commission Forms
Training/Activity Design (Pro Porma)
Program of Works (Pro Porma)
Sworn Statement of Assets and Liabilities
Civil Service Examination Application Form
Reimbursement Expense Receipt (RER)
Trip Ticket
Application for Leave
Attendance Sheet
Set of Voucher Forms
BIR Forms
Accounting Codes

Bohol Government Offices
News Archives
List of Newly Elected Barangay Officials
List of Newly Elected Sangguniang Kabataan
Directory of Contact No.s

Facts and Figures

LGU Vision-Mission
Municipal Profile
Strategy Map
List of Elected Barangay and SK Chairman
List of Accredited NGOs,CSOs, POs and Private Sectors
Municipal Officials & Employees
Barangay Key Officials
Barangay Informations
Department Heads and Head of Offices
LGU Organizational Structure
SB Committees & NGOs
Contact No./s 33 Brgy Captains

National Law related to Environment
R.A. 8749
R.A. 9275
R.A. 6969
R.A. 3571
R.A. 9003
R.A. 10121
PD 1151
PD 1152
PD 1586
National Building Code IRR
New Fire Code IRR

Local Government Code of 1991 (R.A. 7160)
JMC No.1 Series of 2007
DRRM Act of 2010 IRR
Bohol Water Supply System Master Plan
Panglao Airport Development Projects
Bohol Agriculture Master Plan
Bohol Tourism Master Plan
PDPFP Final Draft Vol.1

Available Data for downloads
Summary of Results Poverty Database Monitoring System

Summary across all indicators
Jagna Population (NSO 2000-2007)
Jagna Population (PDMS 2006 & 2009)

Mandated Plans
Comprehensive Land Use Plan (Draft)
Comprehensive Development Plan
Executive-Legislative Agenda 2011-2013
Annual Investment Plan 2011
State of the Local Governance Report 2009

State of the Local Governance Report
SLGR 2008
SLGR 2009

Area Plans
Forest Management Plan
Coastal Resource Management Plan
Watershed Management Plan
Protected Area Management Plan
Sloping Area Agricultural Development Plan
Heritage Conservation Plan

System Plans
Water Supply System Plan
Waste Water Management Plan
Sewerage Master Plan
Drainage Master Plan
Flood Control Management Plan
Traffic Management Plan
Integrated Communication Technology Plan
Transport Management Plan
Irrigation System Plan
Solid Waste Management Plan
Open Space Network Plan

Thematic Plans
JASMED Management Plan Framework
Strategic Plan for the Calamay Industry
Municipal Nutrition Action Plan
Food Security Plan
Jagna Tourism Plan
Jagna Poverty Reduction Action Plan
Mun. Disaster Risk Reduction Mgt Plan
Gender and Development Plan
Public Order and Safety Plan
Culture and Arts Plan
Jagna Organizational Competency Profile

Municipal Code

Environment Code
Modified GAD Code
Jagna Solid Waste Management Code
Revised Revenue Code of 2010
Revised investment Code

 Map of Jagna
 Locational Map of Jagna
 Map per Barangay
 CLUP Thematic Maps
 Proposed Land Use and Zoning Map
 Jagna Ground Shaking Hazard Map
 Jagna Liquefaction Hazard Map
 Jagna Rain-induced Hazard Map
 Jagna Storm Hazard Map
 Jagna Tsunami Hazard Map
 Jagna Induced-Landslide Map
 Jagna Road Network Map

State of the Municipal Address
SOMA 2004
SOMA 2007

Various Workshops Proceedings
GAD Planning & Budgeting 2010
GAD Budget 2008-2009
Legislative Planing Workshop 2010
GAD IRR Orientation
ELA Formulation Workshop
CDP Consultation

Executive Order (2010)

Creation of the Jagna Emergency Medical and Rescue Unit (JEMRU) and Defining its Functions

Establishing the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (MDRRMC) in the Municipality of Jagna, Province of Bohol, Providing for its Composition and for Other Purposes

An Order Constituting the Municipal Waterworks Management Council

An Order Organizing the Website Updating and Maintenance Committee

For your inquiry/clarifications/request/details/particulars please feel free to contact:

    8:00 AM -12:00 NN
    1:00 PM -  5:00 PM

Mun. Planning & Dev't Coordinator
Telefax No. (038) 531-8005
Mobile Phone : 0917-5020979
                      (038) 510-0204
Email :

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