Barangay Mayana

Jagna, Bohol, Philippines

Barangay Development Plan 2001-2006


Barangay Mayana is one among the few barangays that the municipality of Jagna takes much pride in. It is the second largest brgy. By area per hectares, located at the highest peak of Bohol, thus, even if it is 17 kilometers from the shoreline, it overlooks the sea and has a spectacular vista of a wide range of the lowlands. Likewise, is noted to have the coolest climate all over the province.

 With its fertile lands, Mayana favors vegetation of varied plants ranging from the many colorful flowers and ornamentals to garden vegetables, cash crops, fruits and trees that makes it one of the principal producer of the town’s market.  Mayana is known as the “Little Baguio of Bohol.”

 As one of the highest peak of Bohol, it also home various telecommunication towers and facilities established by different Communication Firms, such as the PT&T, Globe and Smart Relay Station, GMA, ABS-CBN and Military Installation.  

 Likewise, being adjacent to a forest zone and a declared watershed area, Barangay Mayana is abundant in potable water sources.

 Mayana is also the site of the majestic Centennial Tree, a narra tree that is believed to be more than two centuries old (230 years). And considered as one of the country’s biggest and oldest tree. It takes 10 full-grown people hand-in-hand to cover the total circumference of its trunk.

Origin of its Name

 There are few versions on how the barangay got its name. One among these tales was submitted during the National Centennial Celebration:

 A foreigner once came to that place and asked a resident who did not understand English for the name of the barangay, pointing to the place in a sweeping upward manner. Coincidentally, a maya bird flew in the direction where the foreigner pointed out.  The resident, thinking that the foreigner was asking for the name of the bird, answered in the vernacular,  Maya na, Sir!” which simply means, “That’s a maya, Sir!”

 The other version states that the place, Brgy. Mayana was once abundant with the mayana, an herbal plant.  People from neighboring barangays came to the barangay to gather mayana plant that they used to cure minor ailments.  Hence, the place was called Mayana – after the name of the plant that made it popular.

             The other tale that synonymously recounted the plant mayana run this way: The early inhabitants who once lived in the place dearly loved a certain flower that is, mayana, that they planted it all over their surroundings. And because of their love to mayana they name the place as such- Mayana.  


 Barangay Mayana is a beautiful place with such a preserved forest, well-managed water resources, varied flowers in abundance and a captivating centennial tree.

Because there is love and fear for God, the system of politics changes and the people who are cooperative and supportive with the skilled and united barangay officials live happily and progressively. 


·       Create awareness on progressive and democratic leadership among the people.

·       Conduct seminar about responsible barangay leadership for local officials.

·       People must actively participate with the members of the council.

·       Local leaders must resourcefully coordinate with the government and the different agencies who can possibly support for the market, of the barangay’s products and in developing alternative livelihood.

·       Look for ways to effectively maximize the water resources.

·       Protect the natural resources of the barangay.