Jagna, Bohol, Philippines

Origin of the Name

During the Spanish period, it was said that Spaniards asked the original dwellers what the name of this place was. Nearby was a group of people drinking shots (tagay) of tuba (coconut wine). Not clearly understanding the Spaniards, they answered, cheering and singing “kanta…gay”. Consequently, the barrio was unwittingly named ‘Cantagay”.

There was a recent plan to change the name of the place due to the bad connotation.  They wanted to change the name to “Punta Cruz,” but when the people voted on the name for the place, Cantagay still won.  So it remains today.

  Community Vision

 The barangay residents of Cantagay envision a progressive community concretized in the realizations of infrastructure projects resulting from the concerted efforts of the people and the barangay officials with peace and order as the consequent of having a people free from the threats of vices and lawless elements.

Vision on Environment

The residents dream of a clean and green surrounding wherein depleted natural resources – forests and coastal, are eventually replenished and related ordinances are strictly implemented

Vision on People

 There exists among the residents of Cantagay a kind of relationship that is free from all pretensions and hypocrisy because they understand each other better; that their children are provided for with sufficient education that will equip them for a bright future and that the people have alternative means of income.


Through a sincere cooperation between the Barangay residents of Cantagay and the able leadership of the Barangay Council, in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Jagna, its Line Agencies, the different Non-Government Organizations and People’s Organizations, the realization of all projects are easily at hand in the aspect of :


·             Culture

·      Infrastructures

·      Environment

·      Coastal Resource Management

·      Economics and

·      Education