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Bohol Cluster Municipalities

Bohol Cluster is composed of Municipalities of Jagna, Duero, Garcia – Hernandez, and Guindulman are contiguous coastal            municipalities stretching up to thirty (30) kilometers located in south-eastern Bohol with a total population of 102,951 (2007 Census). It comprises eighty-four composite barangays of which thirty-three percent (33%) are coastal; fifty-seven percent (57%) are upland, and; ten percent (10%) are urbanizing.  It is accessible by land and sea travel. Its distance from Tagbilaran, the capital city is from 50-70 kilometres with Garcia – Hernandez 52 km; Jagna 63 km, Duero 73 kms and Guindulman 85 km respectively. The farthest of the four can be reached in approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes via land travel.

Partnership Activities

As of December 2008 the Town of Blackfalds and the Municipalities of Jagna, Duero, Garcia-Hernandez and Guindulman are new partners within the FCM Municipal Partnerships Program. The MPP facilitates local government to local government relationships.

The Town of Blackfalds and the municipalities of Jagna, Duero, Garcia-Hernandez and Guindulman are partners within the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Municipal Partnerships Program (MPP). The MPP facilitates local government to local government relationships in which partners with similar mandates and goals work together to find solutions to the problems and challenges they are facing. Partners implement a development projects that address municipal capacity building issues in a key area of co-operation agreed upon. Canadian expertise is provided in a strategic manner to complement local expertise and increase capacity.

In February 2-11, 2009 the first activity of the partnership was the assessment mission. The Blackfalds visited Bohol Cluster to jointly assess some of the key issues that the partnership project will address. This first mission was very important in building relationships between staff and elected officials from the four municipalities. The mission provided an opportunity for the Canadians to increase their understanding of the local government sector in the Philippines, particularly the organization, structure and administration of local governments; the relationship between the executive and legislative departments of the local governments; the relation of the national and local governments, and the type and level of services provided by each level of government, including the sources of funding. The partners assessed the cluster’s capacity building needs in the area of inter-municipal cooperation in light of the development challenges facing the municipalities.

In June 13, 2009, a five-man delegation from the Bohol cluster went on a seven-day project definition mission to Blackfalds. The objectives of the mission were :

to broaden the knowledge of the Bohol cluster on the governance structure in Canada, including the roles and responsibilities of the municipal, provincial, and federal governments, as well as the private sector and non-government organizations;

increase the cluster’s understanding of the issues being faced by Canadian municipalities; facilitate exchange of knowledge with particular focus on local economic development; and

formulate a draft proposal for a one-year cooperation project between the municipal cluster of Bohol and the Town of Blackfalds.

 The project definition mission provided the opportunity for the cluster delegates to meet the other officials and staff of Blackfalds.

In September 2009 a technical mission from Blackfalds to the Philippines by Donna Anderson, Director of Corporate Services and Phil Hoyle, Public Works Supervisor. Donnas' expertise is in Project planning, development and financial planning. Phil’s expertise is Certified Engineering Technologist and experience working in Cebu Island in roads and bridge construction.

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