Barangay Boctol

Jagna, Bohol, Philippines

Origin of its Name

The term Boctol is believed to have sprung from the two different vernacular words, “ librong taas” and “boctot” Accordingly, there was a famous man named Apolonio Nalasa who lived in Sitio Danao. He is one of the earliest settlers. Everyone knows him because of his book, the Libro de Kompaniya, which the folks recounted as a book of wonder because whatever wishes, will be granted with its use. And since the people were accustomed to use boctol to mean the book (libro) that is tall (taas), they later spoke it to address their place. The other derivation of Boctol, was said to be from the vernacular term boctot, which simply described the look of the muscle arm (biceps) in contraction.


     Barangay Boctol is known for its good morale because its people are opened to development, posses enthusiasm and tenacity, support for each other and cooperation with the Barangay Council who are skilled and capable in implementing good governance, and who are resourceful in coordinating with the different agencies, public and private, that could possibly help its people in organizing cooperatives, or setting up possible alternative livelihood that could enhance the economic status of the locality.

                 Its pleasant and peaceful surrounding and the protected forest and other natural resources allures people to come and Barangay Boctol becomes progressive.


      The vision of Barangay Boctol to be of good morale standard because of its peaceful and progressive community with    a clean sorroundings and protected natural resources is achieve through a lasting unity between the people and the Barangay Council members, selflessness, self-discipline, ceaseless harkwork, constant enthuasiasm in mind, heart and action and cooperation with the local government unit, people’s organizations, non-government and government organizations