Barangay Balili

Jagna, Bohol, Philippines


Barangay Development Plan 2001-2006


The present and official name of the barrio is Balili. Its popular name is Tanabog.

 According to the early people who inhabited, this place had a difficulty naming this place. They could not think of a good name at first to the place where they were living. One of the inhabitants suggested that since the place is abundant of morsico, which they call also balili, they just called it Balili. From that time until now the name that derived from the balili plants remained the name of the present barrio. The sitios included in the barrio are: Capao-an and Seling.

             The tenientes from the earliest time to date are the following:

  1. Marcos Sajulga
  2. Fernando Sajulga
  3. Miguel Sajulga
  4. Luis Sajulga
  5. Dalmacio Sajulga
  6. Faustino Sajulga
  7. Higino Sajulga
  8. Claudio Sajulga
  9. Rufo Caderao
  10. Mariano Sajulga
  11. Teodocio Sajulga
  12. Feliciano Daguplo
  1. Basilio Sajulga
  2. Amanino Sajulga
  3. Cresdencio Sajulga
  4. Daniel Daguplo
  5. Epifacio Caderao
  6. Francisco Sajulga
  7. Dionisio Sajulga
  8. Amelio Cagas
  9. Daniel Sajulga
  10. Aurelio Sajulga
  11. Macario Pagulon
  12. Clemente Sajulga

It was in this barrio that the Japanese strugglers made their headquarters in the forest of Tubig diao. During the Japanese day in this place, they capture a woman Eufracia Sajulga and made her as their guide. The woman was called ray authorities and made to testify before the investigating committee about the cruel practices done by the Japanese. The Japanese strugglers later surrendered to the army authorities and when Eufracia testifies against them, the Japanese were sentenced to imprisonment and others were hanged. The Japanese strugglers in this place killed two persons namely: Miguela Sajulga and Candida Sajulga, several carabaos, horse and the Japanese soldiers stole cows. 



Barangay Balili shall be a

 united community, understanding

 with each other, and is willing

to do their best to improve living

 towards a progressive and developed barangay with the support and

initiative of the Barangay Officials.


A resident that will protect and

 preserve the natural environment

and most of all has strong faith

and trust in God.



To realize the vision of barangay Balili,

 the residents so with the

Barangay Health Workers,

Purok Leaders and Barangay Tanods

must work hand in hand with

the Barangay Council and

the support of the Local Government Unit

 and other agencies thru true

service to the people on health programs,

education, culture, infrastructure,

 and economic stability without

 minding the traditional way of politics

for the growth and development

of the people in general.