Satterberg woofers

(shown above with Rogers LS3/5a speaker)

Reference materials for owners and aficionados.


Satterberg Woofer Documentation & Reviews

Above: Satterberg instruction sheet.  Click to enlarge. 


Above: Satterberg sales flyer, front page.  Click to enlarge.


Above: Satterberg sales flyer, reverse page.  Click to enlarge.


Above: The Absolute Sound review of Satterberg MW-2, June 1980


Satterberg Woofer Photos

Model MW-1

The following photos are of a pair originally owned by Sean Collins, who has more photos and info here:



Above: Satterberg MW-1 with grille removed, click to enlarge.


Above: Satterberg MW-1 side view, click to enlarge.  Note the cabinet is tapered slightly in at the top (the speaker front is to the right in this photo).


Early Satterberg backplate, probably model MW-1, click to enlarge.


 Model MW-2

The following photos are a pair of MW-2's that I owned and refurbished (cabinet refinishing, re-foaming woofers).
Above: Woofers, after being re-foamed.  Note that this driver is customized for this application: under the felt dust cover there is a large number of lead shot held by epoxy to adjust the driver parameters.
Above: original crossover/terminal plate, inside the back of the cabinet.  The parts are covered in what looks like PL construction adhesive, so it is virtually impossible to work on the crossover without destroying it.  Note the motor start capacitors, as well as at least one other electrolytic cap, a couple air core coils, and a number of 10 watt sand cast resistors.

Above: Satterberg MW-2 with grille removed, click to enlarge.




Above: Satterberg MW-2 woofer closeup.  Note the felt dust cap, which covers lead shot weights to adjust T/S parameters.  Click to enlarge.



Above: Satterberg MW-2 - rear view, click to enlarge.



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