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The Fried Model T was a dual transmission line subwoofer, using a pair of 10" Dalesford woofers.  It included a crossover to roll off high frequencies to the woofer as well as a set of direct inputs for use with an electronic crossover.  It also included a simple first order passive crossover to roll off the low frequencies in any associated satellite.

The Model T was sold both separately and as the woofer portion of the Model H/2 system, which also included the Model B/2 satellites, complete system shown below.  Lots more info on the H/2 and Model B/2 is here.

The Model T was an evolution of the woofer system from the original Model H, a 3 piece satellite-subwoofer system.  To allow easy customer upgrades (and keep production costs down) the cabinet for the Model T is identical to that for the original Model H, except that the woofer hole was enlarged to accomodate the new 10" woofer (the original Model H was an 8" KEF B200 SP1022).

This page is intended to provide information on the Model T for owners and/or prospective builder's of the system (although the Dalesford woofers are quite rare today).



For a complete PDF file of the Fried Kit Instructions and all plans, including schematic, click here.

Note that the cabinet plans and schematic are also shown separately below.


Above: Part 1 of the cabinet plan drawing.  Click to enlarge.



Above: Part 2 of the cabinet plan drawing.  Click to enlarge.


Above: Crossover schematic drawing.  Click to enlarge.



Above: Terminal plates (unused, new old stock) from the rear and front.  Click to enlarge.  Note the high pass caps (100ufd nonpolar electrolytic plus 0.47 film bypass) are mounted on the terminal plates. 


Above: Woofer crossover (also unused, new old stock) from the rear and front.  Click to enlarge.  Note the large size of the 7mH coil next to the 6" ruler. 


Above: Model T woofer drivers.  Click to enlarge.  These are actually Dalesford model D100/250 10" plastic cone woofers.  Notice that the Dalesford label has been removed, and a Fried sticker placed on the rear of the magnet.


Above: Spec sheet for Dalesford drivers, including the D100/250 used in the Model T.  Click to enlarge. 



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