Part 3: Record Cabinet

This webpage is a continuation of my SP-10 refurb project, starting here.

When I started my Technics SP-10 Mk2 project, here, I decided to build a record cabinet at the same time.

I have LP storage in a different room from my playback system, so I decided to build a small record rack to keep a couple hundred LPs near my turntable setup.  I built the cabinet from cherry veneered ply and solid cherry stock, with my typical bird's eye maple & wenge top, along with the same wood for the drawer face as you'll see below.

Based on the user interface paradigm of our computer music servers, I added a couple unique features to this cabinet:
1. I added a vertical divider in the top section to create a 4" space for LPs that have been pulled from their normal storage spot to be queued up to play.  This is the LP version of the "Current Playlist".
2. I added a 3/8" slot across the top front edge of each shelf, allowing placing an LP jacket facing out and visible.  The LP version of "Now Playing".

Above: One side, with solid stock added for front and back "legs" that run the full height of the cabinet.

Above: Shelves, bottom view showing baltic birch runners for strength to prevent shelf sagging.

Above: Carcass being assembled, both shelves and back in place.  There are brass threaded inserts at the bottom of the legs to mount feet.

Above: Cabinet assembled and stained.  Drawer has also been installed.  Using nomenclature from our digital/ipod/music server vocabulary, I'm installing the "Current Playlist" divider here - LPs queued up to play will be placed in the section to the right.  You can also see the groove in the front of the shelves to display the "Now Playing" LP cover.  See last photo below for a visual explanation.

Above: Drawer, with full extension drawer slides allowing access to the very rear of the drawer.  The plan is to keep LP accessories and headphones here.  The face is bird's eye maple with wenge trim around the perimeter.

Above: Record cabinet top, assembled and finished but not yet attached to the cabinet.  You can see the stack of baltic birch stock plywood that was used for the SP-10 plinth under the top. 

Completed cabinet, with top in place.  I added a riser/support on the right rear to hold an ipad used to control my music server, and it has a USB jack that connects to the music server for backups, etc.

Completed cabinet, front view.

Completed cabinet, filled with LPs.

Above shows the LP cover on display in the "Now Playing" groove on the top shelf.  The space to the right contains the LPs pulled to be played in the "Current Playlist" slot.