Matthew James Footers
Available to CAS members for $75/set of 3

These footers were originally manufactured for Matthew James  audio amplifiers and preamplifiers (the sucessor to Cello).  More info is on the following Matthew James webpage, about halfway down, describing the materials and techniques used in manufacture:

These feet are virtually identical to the Aurios Classic footers, which sell for $199/set from Music Direct.  See below for more info on the Aurios and a link to the relevant Music Direct webpage.

Matthew James footer photos


As you can see above, they mount with two screws (#10) down into the footer from above (thru the bottom plate of the component). 


Above: Showing the top half of the footer removed, revealing a plastic spacer to keep the ball bearings in place.


Above: Completely disassembled, showing the spacer and ball bearings.


Note that these appear very similar to the Aurios 1.2 Classic footers (with the exception of the two threaded mounting holes in the top of the Matthew James version):

Above: Aurios Classic.

Above: Another photo of the Aurios Classic, in silver.


The Matthew James website:

Aurios website here:

Aurios review here:

On sale at musicDirect: