Magnum Dynalab FT101A

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Modified by Don Scott in May 2005


This tuner had been upgraded to an Etude before I purchased it several years ago.

Top view as stock with Etude mod from Magnum Dynalab.  Click photo to enlarge.

Fellow Connecticut Audio Society member Don Scott graciously volunteered to modify the unit which he did in May, 2005.  His changes included:

  1. Installed fuse holder and IEC power connector
  2. Replaced audio output IC with LM358 in socket
  3. Replaced audio output caps
  4. Increased values of four power supply caps.
  5. New +12V voltage regulator with heat sink (allowing removal of the always on feature due to better stability)
  6. Replaced de-emphasis caps with better quality
  7. Replaces 3 IF filters with selected units for maximum selectivity with very good fidelity and stereo separation.
  8. Aligned tuner
  9. Rebuilt Blend circuit.  The Blend switch on the front panel is now really blend, and adjustable.  The old blend circuit was actually an AGC circuit on or off .  Also left AGC disconnected as it sounds better that way.
  10. Replaced off-value 56K resistor in output circuit
  11. Removed instant-on and low-level audio output circuits.

FT101 after mods, click to enlarge.


Power supply PCB, with new fuseholder and IEC on rear panel.  Click to enlarge.


References: on the Magnum Dynalab FT101a



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