Fried Model H

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The Fried Model H speaker system was sold in the 1978 timeframe as both a kit and assembled system.  Designed by Irving "Bud" Fried, it was the first satellite-subwoofer system.  The satellites consisted of a KEF T27 tweeter and B110 bextrene cone midrange (the same drivers used in the LS3/5a speaker of the same vintage) in a sealed cabinet.  The woofer consisted of a single cabinet housing two separate transmission lines driven by a KEF B200 SP1022 bextrene cone woofer as both a kit and assembled system.  There was no crossover in any of the cabinets, instead, all crossover components were housed in an aluminum chassis seen atop the woofer in the photo above.

There is a great deal more information on the Model H/2, and its component parts, the B/2 satellite and T subwoofer on my B/2 webpage, click here.

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Dave Dlugos site of Fried Model H information

Click on the links below to see a PDF copy of the original Fried sales brochure for the Model H and for the assembly/setup instructions for the Model H, which can be saved to your hard drive.

Fried Model H Kit Assembly and Setup Instructions (PDF file, includes cabinet plans)


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Closeup of the satellite showing the recessed T27 and B110 drivers.


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Closeup of the woofer terminal plate.

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The cabinets undergoing rebuilding.  The satellites were completely rebuilt with new boxes, and the woofer system was reglued, resealed, refinished and transmission lines restuffed.  Note the woofer cabinet is upside down in this photo, and on the right side you can see an access door I added (one at each end) to stuff the cabinets.

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Original Model H crossover before refurbishing, showing its age and signs of abuse in shipping.  The cable ties holding the large chokes has broken, as had one fuseholder.


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The rebuilt crossover, with all caps replaced with Solen polypropylene.


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Rear panel, after having terminal mounts enlarged with Greenlee punch to accomodate new giold 5-way binding posts.






Closeup of the original satellite crossover.  Note there are a number of electrolytic caps in the signal path to the satellites.





Closeup of the rebuilt satellite crossover, including large cap for 100Hz high-pass crossover.


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