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MPMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival

posted Feb 8, 2015, 9:18 AM by
At the MPMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival on Saturday, February 7th, MP strutted their outstanding musicianship...
Abbie Allen, Bassoon, "!" (superior rating)
Mackenzie Chapman, Flute, "!" (superior rating)
Braeden Federspiel, Bari Sax, "II" (excellent rating)
Natasha Flitz, Clarinet, "I-" (superior rating)
Ashley Seed, Bass Trombone, "1-" (superior rating)
Ashley Seed, Tuba, "1-" (superior rating) 2nd alternate to State
MP Percussion Ensemble, "II+" (excellent rating)
MP Sax Trio, (Lilly, Megan and Shawn), "II" (excellent rating)