Pedal Force Mountain Build     



   I had heard that the Marta caliper/shimano lever levers system worked well one weightweenies.  Here's the link. So I decided to give it a try because i wasn't happy with my xtr calipers.  I saved about 10 grams per caliper and the brakes work so much better.  The stop power it much better and there isn't as much of a squishy feeling.  They engagement is much more sudden.  

    I'm planning on making a few changed to the bike, mainly just to save weight.  

kmc x9sl  -50 grams

Kcnc seat collar  -9 grams 

Kcnc fly mtb stem  -50 grams

Stan's Olympic rim strip and sealant  -188

Alligator Serrated Rotors  -44

Tt/alloy bolts  -20  

So the total savings should be around 360 grams and get me to about 8.5 kg.