Software description

This software is use to convert a GPS map Polish format file (.MP) to a Google Earth file (.KML).  By this way the same map in the GPS can be seen in Google Earth!  The goal is to reproduce as much as possible the same map look in Google Earth that in the GPS.


Software history

Since 2010 I'm the owner of a GPS, a Garmin Oregon 450.  I use the GPS to track roads when I ride with my dual sport motorcycle, a DR-Z400S.  During all the summers, each time I go to ride, I bring with me my GPS to track the trails I run.  At this time I start to search for the best software to manage all this recorded tracks.  At the beginning I stored all the tracks in the GPS but it becomes very rapidly hard to manage.  So I decide to create my own map, composed of a mixture of all my tracks.  I use many free tools (MAPEDIT, CGPSMAPPER, ...) to create the map and then tranfer it to the GPS as an .img file.  It works perfectly.  But when I'm back at home, the GPS is not very useful to have a global view of my map and to plan the next ride.  The best tool I have found for this is by far Google Earth.  I'm used to work with Google Earth because I already use custom maps in my GPS based on aerial/satellite images grom GE.  So I started to find a way to transfer my GPS map into GE.  I found a free online converter that do this job (  It works very well but it doesn't offer control on how the POIs/Routes in the map are converted in GE (icon, color, ...).  After some research I found another software, MP2KML (, that offers a lot more of control on the conversion.  But after some tests, it doesn't manage correctly the routes with multiple "branches".  It is at this point that the development of my own software begins to point in my mind.  This is the beginning of the adventure...  :-)

Newsgroup letter

You want to be kept informed on any new development about this software?  Please enter your email in the form below.  I will keep your email confidential and I will not use it for anything else.


Release history

 2010-09-25   Beginning of the development...  In some weeks I will need some beta testers so If you are interested, contact me!
 2010-11-14  v0.0.1 The first release of MP to KML Converter is ready to go!  I consider this one as a beta version so be ready to have maybe some bugs.  I tested it with all my maps and it works pretty well.  Now I need some other testers!  I have worked a lot on the conversion engine so for the moment I have disabled the GUI for the modifications of the POIs/Polylines/Polygons correspondance tables.  You need to edit directly the file "MP to KML Converter.cfg" to enter your own correspondances.  Let me know what you think about it!


Feature request 

You tried the software and you found that there is some missing feature(s) that could be interesting?  Let me know!  In this section I will list all the requested features with the priority of development. 


Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  You can contact me at : mp (point) to (point) kml (point) converter (at) gmail (point) com