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Welcome Ultimate crack, recreational disc thrower, spirit of the game addict and all other creatures who like to play disc!

This is information-central of the Ultimate Movement in Mozambique!
Moz-Ultimate was established in October 2006 and has been expanding during the last years. We are a club for both expats and local Mozambican players of all playing levels. Moz-Ultimate is playing weekly pick-up games and participates in international tournaments in the region (Swaziland and South Africa).

Absolute highlights are the  Mozambican Ultimate HAT tournaments we organise annually in Maputo (check out the pics of the previous editions through the links on this page).  Make sure you keep an eye open for next year's tournament!

Come and join us for a pick-up game.
See the link 'Moz-Ulti When and where' for details.

Os Discoteiros de Mocambique

contact us: stef (at) mozultimate (dot) com

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Da Bique at Rocktober 2013
A motivated team from Mozambique participated in a record hot Rocktober tournament in Johannesburg. It was a great experience and Da Bique played some great matches but also experienced that a lot more tactical training is needed as the level of Ultimate in South Africa has improved a lot. The tournament was won by the Long Donkeys from Pieter Maritsburg who beated UCT Tigers from Capetown in the final.

Memories of the last
XEFINA HAT tournament

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'Da Bique' is back... be very afraid! (if you are a worm..)