Associate Professor - Bryn Mawr College

The Mozdzer Ecology lab uses an interdisciplinary approach combining plant ecophysiology, biogeochemistry, molecular ecology, and evolutionary processes to better understand how  ecosystems respond to global change.  Currently, I am investigating the effects of global change on Phragmites australis invasion in an ecosystem level study at the Smithsonian Global Change Research Wetland.  We are interested in understanding how the process of invasion may change with predicted levels of atmospheric CO2 and anthropogenic nitrogen pollution, along with the role of intraspecific genetic diversity and rapid evolution in plant invasion.   I am also collaborating with colleagues at Woods Hole Research Center, MBL, Northeastern University, VIMS, and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center to understand the effects of chronic nutrient pollution in plant communities in the TIDE project.  I have broad interests in plant ecophysiology, biogeochemistry, eco-evo processes to understand the role of rapid evolutionary processes on ecosystem carbon cycling.  

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