mozartsgokart and the Amazing Technicolor Leisure Suit

The life, the universe, that bowl of soup, and beyond! 

Welcome to the internet! If this is your first time please make your self comfortable Your going to be here a while.  And don't forget to load up some extra plutonium and perhaps a few drops of Tetrahydrozoline for your trip back.

Who am I?

I am just your average guy trying to survive. I am in general an upbeat love life guy. I am not depressing, I just tell it like it is. Welcome to my reality.

  • I am the collection of the total experiences of my body in this world, perhaps one day I will see the next world. For now I am happy right where I am. Although I have ten pounds that could see put off until the next world.
  • mozartsgokart does not approve of the use of capitol letters in his name. But I do like letters, I'm fond of the letter A.

Other rantings...

  • Whatever suits me at the time, like this leisure suit! (get it? "whatever suits", leisure suit! DA DA CHING!)
  • the color orange needs to be abolished. Who is with me? It belongs  in nature and should not be worn
  • coffee, no sugar, but not on the weekends.
  • Duct Tape - who doesn't like this stuff, its awesome.
  • Remember, no ones going to take care of you but your self. That includes not drowning in your own drool while you tie your shoes.

What do I do?

Besides make informative webpages such as this?
Well I work on tv shows and other pointless animated shorts. Does that count? But that's boring and I don't like to toot my own horn.